May 13th – Michael and Cristina – Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee, FL “I appreciated that we could put God in the center of our conversation now”

Him: I don't think I have ever taken a course like this before. It allowed me to view marriage in a new and fresh perspective. This is much needed for married couples across the world, especially in modern day where many marriages fail or end up in divorce. Our children need strong parents that are role models so that they will continue to thrive and become leaders of the world while promoting peace and unity.

Her: It was wonderful to get first-hand information and to connect with God and the church through it to be better followers of Christ through our marriage. I loved the details and the resources that we surely, we'll be using long-term.

Both: It has given us a sense of meaning to our life and to live in peace with the world. We also want to hopefully instill these values in our son and include faith in God throughout his childhood.


May 14th – Ronald and Cheryl – Diocese of Sacramento, CA “I truly believe that what we have learned while taking this course will help our marriage last.”

Him: Great course, I learned so much about myself and my spouse, and what we need to do in order to live our lives happily and lovingly with God.

Her: This course helped us understand the true value of marriage. Learning God's purpose for man and woman and a complete guide for setting up and sustaining a full and loving marriage.

Both: We believe that the course helped to validate what we've been implementing in our relationship.


May 15th – Chijioke and Chino – Archdiocese of Baltimore, MD “-”

Him: This course was really enlightening and it opened us up to so many topics that we hadn’t considered in depth. The responses from our instructors felt personal to us and I’m grateful for their guidance.

Her: I’m really glad we took this course. I know we will continue to learn but it really feels like we’ve been given a great foundation.


May 16th – Bradley and Marlee – Diocese of St. Petersburg, FL “It inspired me to take more time to be with God”

Him: I really enjoyed that we were able to do this on our scheduled and in the comfort of our home. We were able to treat it like a date night as we prepared for marriage which helped us both with some of the nerves going into the big day.

Her: I felt that it allowed for us to explore questions in preparation for marriage that we had not yet discussed together.

Both: The section of the course that discussed the nature of the man and woman really changed the way we looked at communicating with each other and especially around the needs of man/woman.


May 17th – Juan and Miranda – Diocese of Sacramento, CA “I appreciated the fact that this course opened us to new topics that led to discussions that we had never talked about before”

Him: I feel like this course has brought us even closer to our faith and to one another. It has increased my self- awareness and allowed us to learn tools and techniques to strengthen our marriage.

Her: I am very happy with the course. I feel it benefited us in so many ways. I learned so much about not only myself but my future husband. It has deepened my sense of faith and relationship with God.

Both: The course allowed us to go over our responses with one another and in doing so we had to communicate and see each other’s viewpoints on different topics.