Jan. 22nd – Donald and Laura – Archdiocese of San Francisco, CA “It's a safe and non-judgmental environment”

Him: I was very satisfied with the course. The online access was important to me due to the fact that we both have busy work schedules. Our instructors were very supportive and made the process easy. Thank you both.

Her: I wasn't sure what to expect in this course.  However, I found our instructors to be absolutely wonderful and supportive. Their insights were incredibly helpful.  I am exceedingly grateful for their assistance through this process.

Both: It gave us the freedom to have open and honest conversations about God, our relationship with him, and our expectations for marriage. We also noticed that it created a space and time to sit with one another, without any other distractions.  We talked about God, life and shared our feelings. That was our favorite part.


Jan. 23rd – John and Ali – Baton Rouge, LA “It brought to light some things that I didn't realize were so important in marriage, and also deepened our relationship with one another and God”

Him: I thought the content and layout of the course was great and very well presented and thought out. I believe we achieved our goal to deepen our relationship with Christ and one another.

Her: I'm extremely satisfied with the course. It brought on many topics that provided us the opportunity to discuss and communicate with one another that brought us closer together and more importantly, closer to God.

Both: It opened back up the door for in depth conversations. Helped us communicate many things about where our relationship started, where it is currently and where we want it to be in the future.


Jan. 24th – Peter and Kathryn – Diocese of Lansing, MI “I enjoyed that it covered a wide range of topics including biblical study, a deep dive into the covenants, and practical counseling to help us during our marriage”

Him: I found this course to be incredibly insightful. I learned many things I did not know, despite being raised Catholic, and many discussions were prompted between Kate and I that we had not had yet. Sometimes those discussions were challenging, but very fruitful. The feedback from our instructors was always excellent was a great guide to the sessions themselves. Their insight almost credited a second learning experience. We learned a great deal about ourselves and our faith, which will serve us well as we enter into our marriage.

Her: This course was really helpful in the preparation of our marriage for a few different reasons. First, we were able to intentionally set aside time each week to discuss important, challenging and beneficial topics prior to entering into the covenant of marriage. Second, we were able to learn more deeply about what the bible and Christ say about marriage and what it means. Third, we both learned some new things about what this covenant means and what the Church wants for us within our marriage. It was a very fruitful time throughout this counseling process.

Both: We look forward to seeking opportunities to get involved with our parish as a couple. We are planning on seeking out prayer/bible study groups, tithing, and finding active ways to participate in the community.


Jan. 25th – Kristoffer and Kim – Diocese of Newark, NJ “This course was a much-needed reminder of God's love and that He is the basis for every successful marriage”

Him: The course was very insightful and constructed in a manner that allowed us to really dive into the subject material. I feel very confident that we now have a good foundation for our marriage with God at the center of it.

Her: I thought this course taught us so many important concepts surrounding God and Catholicism that will help us succeed in our marriage. It was extremely thorough, and I enjoyed the different videos, passages and questions that really made us work together to come up with answers!

Both: The course made us think deeply about what makes a successful marriage and how to center God within it. We discussed at length for many of the questions which allowed us to share many things we haven't thought about prior.


Jan. 26th – Jasmine and Jacob (Convalidation) – Archdiocese of Military Services “-”

Him: It was a great starting point to having more faith filled conversations and delve into Gods will for us. It has shown me that I crave more work like this with Jasmine, and want to do other bible studies with her.

Her: This course gave us the opportunity to check in with each other but also helped confirm that we are on a good path. It also brought to our attention a few areas that we need to put some focus and energy into.

Both: There were some areas that we had not overtly discussed before, or maybe had not discussed in a while. Some things were things in the past that we have moved on from and so it was healing to read some of it now that we have some distance from the crisis. We are also encouraged and challenged to begin praying together out loud in a more intimate way.