Dec. 11th – Alek and Lauren – Diocese of Lansing, MI “It helped me grow my relationship with God”

Him: I was very pleased with the depth of explanation and wide range of topics that were covered. There was no beating around the bush! Just good, honest, Catholic teaching and so much good reading to further the development of our relationship.

Her: Going into this marriage prep, I really had no idea what to expect. I was so happy with how it went! I feel way more prepared for marriage. This gives me a much better foundation for what to expect when married.

Both: There was a lot of prompting for conversation between us that we don't often talk about super in-depth so it was helpful to bring some of those topics back into focus (finances, sex, parenting). There wasn't anything that we had NEVER talked about thankfully, but it was a good refresher, and so far, our communication has been very open and honest and fruitful, thank God.


Dec. 12th – Ernesto and Alondra – Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “We truly appreciate it and it has had a huge positive impact on our relationship and our each of us individually”

Him: I've never been very vocal about my faith. I was raised in a catholic home and I have always prayed on my own. We have never shared our faith until now. It was a different experience but it was a good one. We were able to connect on something we never had before.

Her: When we started the course, I was not sure what it would entail. I knew it would be about marriage and God, but it has so much more. I learned so many things not just about the church and it's teachings but about my relationship. I learned what I want my marriage to be. I also feel closer to my faith after this course. I feel as if God gifted me this course as a way to get closer to him. We took this course very seriously as we were not able to attend the in-person classes and we gained so much more than we expected.

Her: I had been going through a weird time in my life. I was not living my life according to God's principles and I had left my faith on the back burner. I feel like it was this course that opened my eyes and brought me back to where I am supposed to be. I feel at peace. I feel like I have a closer relationship to God. I know we took this course at the perfect time.


Dec. 13th – David and Elda – Diocese of San Antonio, TX “I appreciated the detail and how it forced us into lengthy discussions that we wouldn’t have had otherwise”

Him: The course was very exciting and provided so much valuable insight on how to build a successful marriage.

Her: The amount of detail this course provides is amazing! We discussed things we had no idea were so important, and now realize they are vital for a successful marriage.

Both: The couple that oversaw our experience were absolutely brilliant in detailing good and great answers. We can’t say enough about how thoughtful and caring the couple were with answers and suggestions!


Dec. 14th – Name – Diocese of Charleston, SC “By being in a private setting, we were allowed to discuss things openly and honestly when given the prompts and discussion points”

Him: We were able to use a lot of useful tools for how to incorporate God into our marriage. 

Her: I was very satisfied by the pace of the course that we were able to discuss these personal topics privately and get personalized feedback.  We learned a lot about our faith and how that will impact and support our marriage.

Both: There was a lot of supporting data, real life examples, and support from the bible that made this course very well rounded. And of course, the personalized feedback.


Dec. 15th – Name – Diocese of Allentown, PA “It was a constant reminder the God wants nothing for the best for us and wants to be a part of our marriage in every way possible”

Him: The course was very thorough and stood up with the traditional teachings of the Church. Our instructors were very personal and took the time to put deep thought into our answer keys.

Her: I liked the personal touch of the stories and our instructors’ experiences. It really helped throughout the lessons.

Both: Based on the topics that we discussed, it solidified why we're getting married and a reassurance of God's plan and how we must continue to form a relationship with us.