Nov. 6th – Ryan and Erin – Archdiocese of Denver, CO “I appreciated the number of discussions this course prompted”

Him: I feel that I have a much greater understanding and a new perspective on the Bible than I did before. It also has made me realize that I have been missing something since I haven't made going to Church or praying a priority.

Her: It really solidified the importance of faith in marriage and really spoke to the wide array of benefits that marriage will have on us if embraced through Christ. It has made me more excited about the future with Ryan and our future family.

Both: We haven't spoken much to each other about our faith before, and we haven't made it a priority in our relationship. Having these conversations now has brought us closer and we have made faith a central part of our marriage.


Nov. 7th – Logan and Mary – Diocese of Lafayette, LA “It really opened my eyes to how the Catholic religion views marriage.”

Him: It revived by desire to get closer to God. It seems lately that we are so busy with the hustle and bustle of life that we let go of some things, like attending mass every Sunday. I would like to be better about our routine and continue exploring more with Him.

Her: I think it ignited my desire. I have always been a believer and a follower of Christ, but this gave me more knowledge and understanding that I would like to deepen.

Both: It gave us a lot of prompts to talk more and share more about our lives, spirits and beliefs.


Nov. 8th – Anthony and Veronica – Diocese of Orange, CA “I think it's super important that every couple has these conversations before getting married”

Him: I have felt so much closer to God since starting this course! Church has a new feeling, I can't really explain it, but I just feel like I have a whole new perspective!

Her: I feel like we really did learn a lot in this course! All the resources and explanations to our personal answers really gave things a deeper meaning and understanding.

Both: We loved all the his/her questions, especially when it came to talking about future kids and having a family. It opened so many wonderful conversation topics for us!


Nov. 9th – Name – Archdiocese of New Orleans, LA “It truly made you think a lot and provided a bonding experience with my significant other”

Him: This course surely made me closer to God and his church, and has shown me how important marriage is.

Her: This course both ignited and revived my desire to have a more faith driven relationship within my personal relationship.

Both: We appreciate how much thought it went into each question and how carefully worded everything was.


Nov. 10th – Maxwell and Kate – Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “I could really tell that our instructors cared about helping us and that they are passionate about the topics”

Him: This course was very informative and it brought up a lot of topics that we needed to talk about. Doing the work ourselves and thinking to put our own answers was a good process to learn. I was surprised and relieved how thorough this course was and it made me happy that future couples like us are going over all of these topics.

Her: I really loved this program! Our instructors were so amazing. I could really tell that they care about helping us and that they are passionate about the topic. I also appreciated when they opened up about themselves and I really feel like we got to understand them and their WHY better!

Both: We like the online better personally. Sometimes in the in-person classes for things like this, it is hard to truly be willing to share with other couples because you aren't super comfortable with them. But being able to share with our instructors was nice one-on-one because it is easier to lay it out there only speaking with the teachers, rather than big groups! The online version is also nice because it is at your own pace!