Sep. 11th – Ryan and Alyssa – Archdiocese of Military Services “This course was a fun way for Ryan and I to spend time together specifically focused on our marriage”

Him: The course was an amazing opportunity to prepare for the core tenants of marriage before we get married. I'm excited to use what we've learned throughout our relationship!

Her: I grew up Catholic and have always had a close relationship with God. It has, however, fallen off over the past few years and I was encouraged and excited to utilize this course as my reintroduction to the Church with my future spouse.

Both: We've quite frequently referenced the teachings from these courses through our day-to-day lives in between lessons! We know for sure it's helped us to communicate better and just understand one another's perspectives on a deeper level.


Sep. 12th – Joseph and Erin– Diocese of Savannah, GA “It made me want to be more active in pursuing my relationship with God”

Him: I loved this course. It was simple, time efficient, and insightful. It was beneficial for us.

Her: We were extremely satisfied with the course. It was easy to use and easy to contact our instructors. We learned a lot from the course.

Both: Each assignment started great conversations and allowed us to communicate our thoughts on each topic.


Sep. 13th – Michael and Amber – Diocese of Wheeling – Charleston, WV “I will definitely continue to read and learn more about the Church's teachings not just about marriage, but about life in general”

Him: I was not expecting this online pre-cana course to be so engaging and thorough, and I am so glad it was! Even as a lifelong Catholic I learned a lot about the underpinnings of marriage, and how to approach it with a healthy and holy mindset.

Her: This was an excellent crash course in the Catholic perspective on marriage for me, and I really enjoyed and appreciated getting to know it better. I am looking forward to our Catholic marriage with great hope and love, with much better understanding about what that means than I had previously.

Both: We can tell our instructors really took the time to read our responses and provide quality feedback. This is in addition to the excellent course materials provided.


Sep. 14th – Joshua and Laura– Diocese of Phoenix, AZ “I aim to solidify my relationship with Christ and actively participate in parish life”

Him: This class has been an invaluable learning experience for me, and I owe much of that to our instructors exceptional teaching. They have not only expanded my knowledge but have also ignited a deeper passion for the subject matter.

Her: I am genuinely grateful for the time and effort our instructors invested in teaching us. Their impact will be felt far beyond this course, as the knowledge and skills they imparted will continue to influence my personal growth.

Both: What impressed us most about our instructor’s teaching style was their ability to break down complex concepts into manageable, understandable parts. Their clear explanations, thought-provoking discussions, and innovative teaching methods made each class session both enlightening and enjoyable.


Sep. 15th – Grant and Josefina – Diocese of Madison, WI “It really helped to give me perspective on the roles as a married man and woman”

Him: This was a very satisfying course. I really love everything we were exposed to during this course. It really forced us to sit down and really put our minds together on an assignment which is almost like our future lives together in a way. Through every class we continued to gain insight into each other's lives.

Her: I enjoyed this course a ton! I loved all of the scripture we were exposed to. Sometimes it can be easy to not expose yourself to scripture in everyday life and we got to interpret it as a team and start to understand each other on a deeper level that way!

Both: It showed us the importance of forgiveness. If we as a couple are to be more like Christ, then we should forgive as he does. That was one of the things we improved on the most together during this course and has improved our lives a ton!