Sep. 4th – Hector and Diana – Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “It opened communication between us that has really helped us grow closer together”

Him: Our instructors were fantastic. They always went deeper into the subject and helped me learn so much. Their personal tidbits also let us know that everyone continues to work on their marriage.

Her: This course was wonderful! I really enjoyed being able to work on it when I was able and in the comfort of my home. It made for deeper conversations with my partner as well. Our instructors are amazing and really explained and expanded on our responses. I would most definitely recommend this course.

Both: It taught us the importance of keeping God the center of our family and always trusting He will guide our ways. This course also provided with tools to help us remain close with our church.


Sep.5th – Dominic and Marguerite – Diocese of Reno, NV “This course really hammered home the importance of praying together and striving to become closer to God as a family unit”

Him: Loved the course and the feedback from our instructors! I think that a lot of people these days focus on preparing for the wedding itself more than the actual marriage. I thought this course did a wonderful job of helping us focus on our marriage and how we plan on growing together while keeping God at the center of our lives.

Her: The course was an awesome way to reflect on our lives. Sometimes we, humans, just go with the flow but this course encouraged us to take time and have the conversations. This course created a habit for us to continue to talk about things we’d just expect to happen naturally. Plus, our instructors were amazing to learn from! The explanations might have been my favorite part. Hearing “real life” examples is so comforting and educational.

Both: There were times where the conversation went deeper than the actual question. We also continue to talk about discussions from previous sessions.


Sep. 6th – Jason and Karime – Diocese of San Angelo, TX “We learned a lot that we had never known”

Him: I love how close it has brought us together as a couple, it has made us connect in a spiritual level.

Her: It was a wonderful experience, had definitely strengthened our bond deeper with God and helped us connect on so many levels.

Both: We want to start being more involved with our church and retreats, along with helping the less fortunate and giving back.


Sep.7th – John and Meggie – Archdiocese of St. Louis, MO “This course helped to bring us together by communicating about the answers we needed to give together.”

Him: We loved the course and instructors. It was very impressive how much our instructors cared and looked into our responses. It was also very nice to be able to complete the course on our own time.

Her: We loved the course. We learned a lot from the course and it brought forth a lot of important conversations and lessons which we will use moving forward.

Both: It was very nice to have some of our thoughts and beliefs confirmed. It brought back a lot of love and learning between us. Also, learning about other people's experiences in the world and in this class was very nice.


Sep.8th – Christopher and Mary (Interfaith) – Archdiocese of Denver, CO “It definitely taught me the importance of being close and knowing about our faith”

Him: We really enjoyed the experience we had with this course. I am not catholic yet and I was able to learn so much about it. I am super thankful for our instructors and their willingness to teach us about the importance of marriage and why we need to prepare as we are doing.

Her: I am very pleased with the marriage preparation course. We learned so much and I am so grateful that I was able to do this with Chris and with our instructors. They were so helpful and were so personable with their own life experiences. I would highly recommend the two of them and taking this course- it was so so so helpful for our future marriage!

Both: It definitely has helped us communicate and share more in depth together. I think we are able to discuss more of the questions we were asked with each other and also look more in depth with them from our instructor’s answer keys.