August 21st – Colby & Alexi – Kansas City, KS “I appreciated how it helped Colby understand my beliefs and my religion.”

Him: It makes me feel like we are closer than ever to each other and God. It makes you think a lot about your future. What could happen and what to prepare for!

Her: We got a better insight of what it's like being in the married world of being a catholic. It prepared us for a lot!


August 22nd – Nathaniel & Kassandra – Diocese of Pittsburgh, PA “I Look forward to getting involved within our parish and seeking out volunteer opportunities”

Him: Yes, it met my expectations - I feel as though each lesson was thoroughly explained and detailed.

Her: Me too. I enjoyed each of the lessons and felt that they were appropriately developed to work together and complete. The part on Family Planning was very insightful.


August 23rd – Thomas & Megan – Diocese of Allentown, PA “We had helpful conversations to understand each other’s relationship with God and plans for our future that allow us to become closer to Him.”

Him: It exceeded my expectations because taking the classes was actually more fun and insightful than I had thought it would be.

Her: Yes, it met my expectations for providing education and resources for us to prepare for marriage.


August 24th – Clinton & Laura – Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “My friends were all amazed we were doing this prep, and I am happy we did it!”

Him: I appreciated that it split out responses from each of us. I think it revealed some thinking that we hadn't had before and we were able to talk about it.

Her: I appreciated that the courses were manageable. We have really busy lives, so it was good that we could sit down and focus on them for a couple of hours at a time. It was fun to allocate time for us through the course, and talk through it together.


August 25th – John & Kelly – Archdiocese of New York, NY “This program was more intense than one day, in person programs. It gave us extra time to discuss, pray together and reflect on some of the different lessons.”

Him: I liked the use of videos and personal stories from our coaches.

Her: I appreciated how each topic was divided into different lessons. It helped us keep our focus.


August 26th – Thomas & Meagan – Diocese of Grand Rapids, MI “I appreciated taking the time each week to discuss a new chapter. I also enjoyed getting to read the feedback from our instructors and learn new things and gain a new perspective on a topic.”

Him: The course has helped us to dive deeper with both our own relationship, as well as our spiritual relationship.

Her: I really enjoyed this course and being able to talk through real life situations. I also believe it brought us closer spiritually. We were able to talk through different topics that we could dig deeper on.