August 14th – Chinaza & Sylvia – Diocese of Winipeg, Canada “We talked about God in details.”

Him: I love how detailed the key answers are which provided more insight to the topics. we talked about God in detail

Her: I love how personalized the course is and the fact that we are both allowed to provide our own answers and thoughts.

Both: We appreciate learning about the covenant of marriage.


August 15th – Oscar & Crystal – Diocese of Austin, TX.  “I really enjoyed being able to do these assignments at our own pace and one on one.”

Him: The best, I would say, was being able to open up to each other and communicate our differences and understand each other on our opinions and beliefs and ultimately come to an agreement. Being able to express our emotions to each other through these classes, help to see each other in a way that we needed I believe.

Her: I really enjoyed being able to sit and talk with my partner about things we don't normally/ usually talk about. This whole course was very insightful, and I really enjoyed being able to do these assignments at our own pace and one on one.


August 16th – Chinaza & Sylvia – Archdiocese of Baltimore, MD “Prayer is like the spiritual glue of marriage.”

Him: The course gave me the desire to get closer to God with my family. It was good to pray with each other.  Prayer is like the spiritual glue of marriage.

Her: The course gave me comfort, hope and desire to seek more of God and the importance of prayer.


August 17th – David & Christine – Archdiocese of Denver, CO “It renewed my desire to grow closer to the Lord in my daily life.”

Him: The questions were thought provoking and I loved the conversations that we had because of them. The love letter was my favorite part.

Her: I loved the totality of the course to cover all aspects of marriage and the ease of the online format. David lives about an hour from the church, so this made it a lot more convenient. 


August 18th – Eric & Juanita – Diocese of Sacramento, CA “I also appreciated the instructor's feedback. It is a time commitment for them as well and the fact that they are living their faith through this service is commendable.”

Him: I was pleasantly surprised. I was not sure of what to expect of the course work. The questions were thought provoking and required honest feedback and introspection. I learned how important it is to make God a part of our marriage. I don't think I would have done this on my own and am grateful to my wife for her wanting to help me get to heaven.

Her: I appreciated that I was blessed to take this course at my current age (57).