August 7th – Jose and Deysi – Archdiocese of Atlanta, GA “The course has rekindled and strengthened my desire to draw closer to God and His Church”

Him: I am extremely satisfied with the course I've undertaken, as my instructors have gone above and beyond in providing me with the necessary resources and have consistently addressed all of my inquiries. Their dedication to fostering a conducive learning environment has been instrumental in enhancing my understanding and engagement with the subject matter. The availability of comprehensive materials, combined with their willingness to clarify any doubts, has made the learning experience not only productive but also enjoyable. I am grateful for their commitment and support, which have undoubtedly contributed to my overall success in the course.

Her: I am extremely satisfied with the course as my instructors have gone above and beyond in providing me with the necessary resources and consistently addressing all of my inquiries. Their expertise and dedication have not only facilitated a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter, but they have also ignited a curiosity within me that led to the emergence of new thought-provoking questions. Remarkably, these newly raised questions were met with insightful answers, further enhancing my learning experience and allowing me to delve even deeper into the material. The guidance and support I have received from my instructors have undeniably played a pivotal role in making this course a truly enriching and fulfilling journey of knowledge acquisition.

Both: The course has indeed greatly enhanced our communication and deepened our connection as a couple, while also providing a solid foundation for our future marriage. Through the course's interactive discussions and thought-provoking assignments, we found ourselves engaging in more meaningful conversations about our faith, values, and aspirations.


August 8th – Andrew and Lauren (Interfaith) – Diocese of Memphis, TN “It really opened up some aspects of our marriage that I did not think about”

Him: I learned about marriage more than I thought I would.  Growing up in the Catholic church, I thought I had a solid grasp on what would be reviewed and taught during these courses, but the detail and length of depth the classes and answer keys went into was fantastic.

Her: I thought as a non-Catholic that the teachings were going to be far from my beliefs, but almost all of the teachings I agreed with, and I learned a lot about the Catholic religion.

Both: With one of us being Catholic and the other not, it really brought out conversations that we did not think to discuss before.  We discussed everything openly and without judgement, and we are closer and stronger because of it.


August 9th – Michael and Stephanie – Archdiocese of San Francisco, CA “I feel this course helped to reignite my desire to get closer to God and His Church”

Him: I am very satisfied with the course because it provoked conversation between the two of us that otherwise we likely would not have had. It was a fun opportunity to engage in my faith through something unique. The fact that we didn't have someone in the room with us made me feel as though we could be more open with our conversations and responses with one another.

Her: It was a very positive experience for both of us. The flexibility of being able to do it on our own time also allowed for us to have further conversations and take our time with it. Each section was well thought out and easy to follow.

Both: We fully believe that doing this course together without anyone else in the room and in the comfort of our own home allowed for us to really be honest and vulnerable with each other. We were able to have open and sometimes difficult conversations that I think would have been avoided had there been someone else. We loved this whole experience and are excited for the next steps in building our marriage.


August 10th – Mitchell and Zoe – Diocese of Las Vegas, NV “This has definitely brought my relationship with God to a deeper level”

Him: Eye opening & very deep. We really learned so much & had many joyful sessions together.

Her: This course really gave us so much as a couple to connect over & discuss. We really enjoyed setting aside the time to complete each assignment & taking extra time with God during these sessions.

Both: It gave us an outlet, a time to put our phones away, give each other the undivided attention on core teachings / values / beliefs.


August 11th – Tim and Jenna – Diocese of Springfield, IL “Ignited and renewed my desire to be closer to God”

Him: Enjoyed how the course was laid out for both of us to complete together, strike up conversation we may have not had without this course. Allowed us to become closer to God together.

Her: Our mentors were amazing. Gave us very thorough answers and even some things to ponder. The course itself was set up nicely, allowed us to work together but also give separate answers and spark conversation.

Both: The course gave us the tools necessary to fully understand all of the above and really focus on the important pieces of marriage in the Catholic Church. We feel like we are both wholeheartedly stepping in to marriage with the right guidance and understand what God has in store for us in marriage.