July 31st – Nick and Sabrina – Diocese of Pueblo, CO “I think that it really helped us as a couple to get deeper into talks about the Catholic faith”

Him: I was very satisfied with this course. I believe it really helped both of us get a better grasp of catholic teachings on marriage. It was especially nice to be able to see Sabrina learn new things she hasn’t come to know yet about the Catholic faith. Finally, our instructors were amazing to have along our way and guiding us.

Her: I loved this course because it taught me a lot more about the Catholic faith than I expected as well as helping me and my fiancé dive into deeper questions about our relationship. This course also helped us learn to pray together and have harder discussions face to face with each other. Our instructors were awesome and informative and replied back to us almost instantly after we would submit an assignment. Overall, very happy with the course.

Both: We appreciated how quickly our instructors answered and that they took the time to go through each of our responses and give feedback to all of our answers along with more information.


August 1st – Jon and Caitlyn – Diocese of Paterson, NJ  “The course offered new ways to look at my relationship with God & I feel stronger/closer than I did before”

Him: It brought our relationship closer together and it help incorporate God into our relationship while doing so. The course allowed me to look at my relationship with God & the church in a different light; I feel as though I have more tools to strengthen my current relationship

Her: This course was very user-friendly and easy to understand. It helped bring us closer to each other and to God.

Both: This course allowed us to "think outside the box" and to talk about some topics that we did not always bring up casually.


August 2nd – Daniel and Bianca – Diocese of Austin, TX “This course allowed me to grow closer to God and to learn what it takes to be a Godly husband and father”

Him: I feel better prepared to go forth and to serve God through our marriage.

Her: I loved this course because it opened my eyes to what a real, Christ-centered marriage should feel like.

Both: We have had so many beautiful conversations with this course. It has definitely brought us closer, and I would recommend it to every couple looking to get married within the Catholic Church.


August 3rd – Thomas and Amanda – Archdiocese of New York, NY “Taking this course has definitely revived my desire to get closer to the church”

Him: I was very happy with the course. I also liked that we were able to do it at our own pace from home. Additionally, I liked how the lessons were laid out the way they helped you come to your own conclusions on key topics!

Her: I was very satisfied with the course, specifically that I was able to do it in the comfort of my own home and at my own pace. It made me able to answer the questions more honestly without the pressure of someone in front of you.

Both: We feel like the lessons and exercises allowed us to address possible issues we might have in the future and how to address them if they come. It also showed us how we can better communicate with each other and forgive each other whenever possible.


August 4th – Skyler and Miriam – Diocese of Santa Rosa, CA “I gained so much insight on how to think and act according to what pleases God”

Him: I was very much in aww and impressed with the knowledge and guidance i was given each time, I feel privileged and blessed to have received this gift from God, our priest and you guys too, also of course to have had this experience with my dear fiancé Miriam, thank you guys so very much we appreciate.

Her: I am extremely satisfied because I gained so much knowledge and understanding throughout this course, joined by Skyler. It enlightened both of and our day-to-day conversations and actions. The knowledge we have gained and reviewed follows with us as daily as we prepare for our wedding that will be in several weeks from today. I feel so grateful and blessed to have this opportunity to grow and also to have a great experience with our instructors.

Both: It improve our communication in so many ways. It opened our minds, hearts and understanding. It has widened our perspective, consciousness to NFP, forgiveness, holiness, Gods will for us.