July 17th – Robert and Marie – Archdiocese of Philadelphia, PA “It surpassed our expectations in every way”

Him: This experience went way beyond what I thought. The couple-to-couple feedback and attention we received will go a long way in our marriage and will be something I refer back to throughout my life with my wife.

Her: truly loved this course. While difficult at times, it lovingly forced us to deeply reflect on our lives “separately before and together now and in the future” and our relationship with Christ. My fiancé and I have built an even stronger foundation rooted in faith thanks to this course and our instructors’ guidance.

Both: This course helped us understand that God needs to be front and center in our marriage. It helped us think about potential barriers and how we can prevent/work through them.

July 18th – Mauricio and Mary – Archdiocese of Washington DC “I appreciated being able to do this at our own pace”

Him: Very satisfied with the course it was good to set aside time to go through the lessons at our pace and I was able to be more open than I would be in a group setting.

Her: It helped me get closer with my fiancé and helped me understand his spiritual understandings and moral understandings from each lesson. Our instructors were also very supportive and gave us great feedbacks in all the lessons.

Both: We were in our own space we were able to be more open than we would be in a group setting.

July 19th – Ivan and Bianca – Diocese of Oakland, CA “The course went very in depth and the classes helped me think outside of the box”

Him: The course has helped us discover how to incorporate God and the Catholic church in our marriage.

Her: I believed that the course helped us have deep reflections about several aspects of what our marriage will entail. I am happy with the course. I believe that it had amazing content and feel grateful for the lessons that we have learned from it.

Both: This course helped us communicate and build a foundation of our marriage while following God and the church.

July 20th – Dylan and Barrett– Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY “The course showed me the many other ways we can get closer to God and the Church beyond simply one hour every Sunday”

Him: I found the course to be extremely rewarding and useful, and I really appreciated the ability to move at our own pace.  Our instructors always got our feedback to us extremely quickly, and it was always so thoughtful and detailed and filled with wisdom and concrete life experiences from a clearly strong marriage!

Her: I was very happy with the course.  I felt connected to the material and the instructors even though we did not meet them in person.  Would highly recommend this course to any couples preparing for marriage in the Church.

Both: We were able to use the lessons and answer keys as springboards into more faith-based discussions that we would not typically have.  Overall, these discussions made us more comfortable with our decision to marry and more prepared than we even thought we were, which was a great feeling that we owe to the course!

July 21st – Edward and Carol – Diocese of Allentown, PA “This course has changed us for good and we will always remember it as a beautiful experience”

Him: It was very helpful for each other to understand both each other and the religion a lot more. It made us think about stuff that we did not think of before and it did help us to be more open with each other.

Her: I really enjoyed it because it helped us speak about certain topics that we never did before and are so important. Also, we understood our religion so much more and in an easy way. I am thankful for this.

Both: Some of the topics we never spoke about before. Also, asking each other what our goals are, how are we going to make our marriage work, really made us think and brought us together.