July 10th – Mitchell and Emma – Diocese of Indianapolis, IN “I feel more reaffirmed in our decision to marry and start a family”

Him: Our instructors were so lovely and really helped and guided us. The marriage prep course was challenging but stimulating for our growth and conversations as a couple as we prepare for marriage.

Her: Our instructors were so kind! They gave us wonderful broken-down feedback that made it easy to review our answers while definitely feeling their personal touch in their responses and shared stories. This course allowed us to reflect and talk more deeply as a couple. It really helped reaffirm how deeply we care for one another.

Both: It really helped us take our time and move at the speed that was best for us as a couple. We could take time to reflect when we need too, and didn't feel as rushed or restricted to answer any questions for fear of embarrassment. Our instructors made us feel like it was okay to not know all the right answers in this marriage and life, and that with God, all would be provided for us in time as long as we prayed and stayed on his path!

July 11th – Colin and Emily – Archdiocese of New York, NY “The course was way more insightful and useful than I was anticipating”

Him: The course was very informative and helpful to us both. Our instructors Jeff and Emily were so helpful to us throughout the experience, as well.

Her: The lesson's we learned through the Pre Cana course were so helpful in understanding the purpose of marriage - to be one with God, and each other. The biggest takeaway for me is the importance of keeping faith and our relationship with God at the center of our marriage.

Both: While I think we are great communicators in our relationship, we spent a lot more time discussing our faith and our beliefs. We already knew that we shared similar values and views on marriage, but discussing some of the harder topics (family planning, sex, our needs) opened up our minds to topics and scenarios we had not yet thought or of discussed. While we differed on some things, I think we found a lot of common ground in how we think about role of God in our marriage, which is really comforting.

July 12th – Adam and Carolyn – Diocese of Wheeling - Charleston, SC “It helped to further confirm our need to be in Church”

Him: It gave a lot of perspectives that I had not considered before which as very helpful.

Her: To be honest, this course has been more helpful that I thought. I found myself looking forward to spending the time with Adam. It made having difficult or often unspoken topics more comfortable in this setting.

Both: It opened the door to discuss topics in a positive way. It also made us really think about them and write them down.

July 13th – Joseph and Joann – Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY “It went beyond my expectations”

Him: We had great instructors that really took the time to review all our answers and questions we had throughout the course. It was great to see that they are really passionate with the couples they work with and truly care about the work they are doing for couples.

Her: Our instructors were absolutely lovely. To see their responses and how they made us think on a deeper level was really eye opening. The course itself really connected us and I think made us even closer. We really enjoyed this whole process.

Both: We can see how we are thinking beyond ourselves and putting the needs and feelings of each other first. It truly connected us with each other more and truly is made our relationship more solidified. At the end of the day, our marriage is first and the most important thing in our lives. The course has laid the foundations as to how to keep this going feeling forever.

July 14th– Daniel and Ali – Archdiocese of Ottawa–Cornwall, Canada “This was a fun way to spend our time learning about each other and ourselves”

Him: Learned a lot about myself, and my spouse. I feel a lot more connected to God than before, I have learned a lot about Catholicism and am more interested than ever to look into becoming Catholic myself. I can’t wait to expand our relationship with each other and God through prayer and church on Sundays

Her: Connecting with Daniel has made us stronger and excited to begin our lives together. It challenged us, gave us reason to discuss and talk with one another. Gave us the ability to solve new issues. It was fun and brought us closer with God.

Both:  We got the opportunity to learn new things about one another. Spiritually, mentally and soulfully. We discussed church, religion, family, children, prayer, NFP, Imessages, future issues, today’s issues and got stronger together because of all of it.