June 5th – Dylan and Erin – Diocese of Superior, WI “We started talking about some things that we maybe oversaw in the past”

Him: A lot of great information in a short period of time.

Her: I thought the feedback we received was incredibly helpful! Our mentors did a great job elaborating on everything, making it easier to understand and adding a lot of great insight.

Her: I realized how important it is to participate in Mass - something I don't always do as regularly as I should. I would like to start going regularly.

June 6th – Charles and Kaitlin – Diocese of Arlington, VA “This course renewed my desire to get closer to God and His Church through the lens of marriage”

Him: I felt like I learned something new with every module and enjoyed going on this journey with my future spouse. I can see us using the resources provided throughout our marriage!

Her: This course had a plethora of resources to help us now as we prepare to take that next time toward the sacrament of matrimony; it also started some deep discussions about finances, child rearing, and God's role in our marriage.

Both: This course sparked conversations about topics we had previously discussed; however, this gave us the proper platform and tools to make concrete steps to realize and reach our life goals together and grow our relationship with God.

June 7th – Quentin and Danielle – Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas “The course really established a want/need to talk about our faith and relationship constantly”

Him: I enjoyed how each lesson was based in scripture and lead the conversations.  I also enjoyed the flexibility to go through each lesson at own pace.  We had conversations in a way we otherwise wouldn't have without this course.

Her: I enjoyed discovering that Quentin and I would be spending a lot of one-on-one time together growing in our faith and with each other. With Quentin still being newly Catholic, the lessons have established a rhythm of speaking with each other many times about our faith. I also enjoyed how much scripture was involved, reading the bible is very important and many Catholics (including) myself seem to lack in this area outside of church.

Both: The allowance to go at this at our own pace instead of stacking all of this information into a weekend we highly recommend. It keeps the conversations going and it doesn't tire the brain as often because so much information is being discussed in a weekend setting.

June 8th – William and Danielle – Diocese of Austin, TX “I appreciate the real-life examples and how it relates to real life.”

Him: Liked that it was private and self-paced.

Her: I enjoyed the privacy and that we were able to spend a significant amount of time on the assignments. Weren't rushed.

Both: It brought up conversations that were uncomfortable but, in the end, made us closer.

June 9th – Gabriel and Mafalda – Diocese of Arlington, VA “Reading the scriptures and the time our advisors took to explain the meaning was great”

Him: I think this was definitely the most in depth of the marriage prep that we participated in. We were able to go deeper than any in person conference could.

Her: I appreciated the conversations that many of the readings and videos sparked between us.

Both: The process for marriage and wedding planning has been stressful, and parts of this course helped remind us what was most important which is the marriage and journey we're going to embark on.