April 24th – AJ and Helen (interfaith) – Archdiocese of St. Louis, MO “This is the most I have prayed and thought about God my entire life and it felt great!”

Him: Not being Catholic this was an incredible way to learn more about the Church, but also it was a great way to start talking more about the most important parts of our future.

Her: All of my siblings have been married in the Catholic Church and have done marriage prep courses with other couples, in person. I personally feel like we got more out of this marriage preparation since it was just us two and really made us talk through our answers.

Both: We talked about things we would have never talked about! We also realized different aspects of the Church could help our relationship grow and allow us to have the strongest foundation going into this new chapter!

April 25th – Abe and Miah – Diocese of Madison, WI “It taught us how important praying together is!”

Him: I felt that it brought up many discussions that Miah and I hadn’t had before, and helped enlighten us and strengthen our bond as a couple. The feedback also opened our minds to other options/solutions to problems that we did not think about.

Her: The courses covered a lot of important topics that some couples may not talk about before marriage. It is important to know how to approach marriage and strategies to help you succeed, and I feel this course offered an abundance of wonderful resources.

Both: Helped us gain a further knowledge of what is to come, the good and the bad. It got the ball rolling while talking about children and their upbringing. We learned a lot about NFP and how we can continue to learn about it. We learned how to properly talk and communicate to one another while living together every day especially when times get stressful and hard. And most importantly we learned how important our relationship with God is and that all the glory and praise must go to Him because He gave us this opportunity on earth to someday meet with Him in heaven.


April 26th – Pedro and Isabela – Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “So much wonderful insight and resources!”

Him: I appreciate how in-depth the content was and how much crucial reflection it brought about. I’m still reflecting on all the lessons we learned.

Her: It was fantastic. Very thorough material, full of wonderful insight and pearls of wisdom. I loved the various texts and videos chosen for each topic. I could tell the class was thoughtfully put together by people who really want the strengthening of the couple in Christ. The answer keys were phenomenal.

Both: We had so much fun doing the classes together. We spent countless hours discussing the material and putting into practice everything we learned. Our communication improved 100% as we approached each other with more kindness, patience and forgiveness in our hearts.


April 27th – Ryan and Krista – Diocese of Gaylord, MI “I knew it would be a good experience, but we got more out of it than I had imagined!”

Him: Being able to go at our own pace made it nice to find time and spend with one another. The format made for really good conversations that often led to much deeper discussions. I loved the feedback from each session because it required us to revisit and refresh what we had gone through.

Her: The format and ability to be flexible and pace ourselves through this marriage prep was great! Our instructors were so kind and helpful along the way. We really loved how interactive the assignments were!

Both: It really helped us to see marriage not just as a worldly thing everyone does, but as a sacramental covenant with God backed by so much meaning!


April 28th – Gabriel and Mariana – Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “I learned a great deal about the importance of a strong spiritual foundation in marriage and how to strengthen our bond!”

Him: My overall impression of this class was extremely positive. I felt it was well-structured, informative, and thought-provoking. The instructors were knowledgeable and approachable, which made the experience even better.

Her: I found the class to be an eye-opening and valuable experience. The instructors were knowledgeable and compassionate, creating an engaging learning environment. We felt the love and the kindness from our instructors, who provided invaluable insight.

Both: It helped us understand how to prioritize our spiritual growth as a couple. Learning about the bond we are about to present and ask for God's blessing and how we are a gift for each other and how we're in charge of our significant others getting to heaven.