April 17th – Ryan and Shelby – Archdiocese of New Orleans, LA “It reminded me how important prayer is!”

Him: Shelby and l loved this class! We had so much fun analyzing the questions and having real thought-provoking conversations about faith, family, and love. Our instructors provided great examples, and were so honest in their feedback. We did not feel judged at any point and felt we should share questions and answers honestly.

Her: This class taught me a lot about what is truly important in a marriage. Our instructors are great role models and it was great working with them.

Both: We appreciated our instructors telling us their life stories and ways they relate to topics. It made the experience feel more personable.

April 18th – Austin and Monica – Diocese of Dallas, TX “The course reminded me of God's love for me and how forgiving He is!”

Him: I thought the insight and questions posed were helpful to answer for myself, but even more helpful to discuss with Monica. Overall, I think this course brought us closer together and will bear fruit in our marriage. Our instructors responded in a timely manner with great feedback. We appreciate their help very much.

Her: I agree with Austin in that this course was something we looked forward to doing together nightly. It brought us closer together and I feel like we learned a good amount about the Bible, God and the Church that we didn't previously know. It has inspired us to treat one another with kindness, love and respect in new ways, perhaps. Our instructors were SO kind, responsive, knowledgeable and informative! God bless them!

Both: It allowed us to pray together more often. I would say we learned about one another's differences, wants, needs and how God has different destinies for man and woman - and how that comes about in one's family life.


April 19th – Cormack and Emily – Diocese of Gary, IN “This made us dig deeper and talk about why we believe what we believe!”

Him: There were many times throughout this course in which I found myself thinking about topics a lot deeper than I ever had. I really appreciated the process of evaluating myself and us in a more meaningful and spiritual way.

Her: I always hear these Bible verses during mass but had not thought about their significance until this class. Very spiritual and insightful!

Both: It really opened our eyes to why we should be closer to God and not just get married in the church but make the church a part of our lives and a rock on which to build our family.


April 20th – Federico and Ana – Diocese of San Jose, CA “The content was very well explained and the feedback from our instructors was very valuable!”

Him: Great and fulfilling experience! It was thorough and simple to follow the steps for completion. I found the content very valuable, a good mix of learning, researching, discussing and the loving feedback from our instructors. We found a better and deeper understanding for marriage and God's will for it. We look forward to take this precious step in our lives!

Her: It was an overwhelming great experience. I say overwhelming because I learned so much of different topics that we had never discussed and are extremely important for marriage. I feel we had the opportunity to have great and fulfilling discussions as a couple. The content and the feedback from our instructors were very important to have a deeper understanding of God's word.

Both: Plenty of gratitude for this guidance on our journey and we look forward to growing our marriage, family, and our lives close to God.


April 21st – Robert and Monica – Diocese of San Diego, CA  “It was nice to have an experienced married couple to go through this with.”

Him: The course was great, our instructors were wonderful and guided us each step of the way, we really appreciated their detailed feedback with each assignment.

Her: We greatly enjoyed the process and appreciated the structure and content. The course was very informative and our instructors were amazing to work with and learn from.

Both: We loved that the sessions started with prayer and we really want this to be the foundation of our marriage.