April 10th – Viet and Aimi – Diocese of Austin, TX “We were given a lot of tools that we plan to implement and try out in order to strengthen our relationship”

Him: This was a very informative course. With the personal feedback on every assignment, it was very interactive, and we definitely learned a lot.

Her: I really enjoyed this course. It was informative, involved, and very thorough. We learned a lot and getting the personal feedback from our instructors was the cherry on top.

Both: We appreciated the fact that our instructors took time to review and respond to each of our answers. It let us know that what we were writing was actually being read and analyzed.

April 11th – Joshua and Veronica (Interfaith) – Diocese of St. Paul, Canada “I definitely have a newly ignited desire to get closer to God from doing this course”

Him: Being a non-Catholic, I learned a lot about the Church and its teaching surrounding marriage, and I also learned new things about my fiancée.

Her: I really enjoyed the course. It helped us deepen our relationship with each other and explore important topics through conversation and prayer before our big wedding day. It made me further understand the importance of the sacrament of marriage in the Catholic Church and its purpose in a way I had never understood before.

Both: We were able to explore topics that are important in marriage, like contraception, parenting, and the like, but we had never talked about in depth before. We talked about our plans to communicate, and roles around the house. This course ultimately helped us talk about how we plan to include God and the Church in our marriage, and we feel like this is the most important thing we need in our marriage to build a good foundation for us and our future family.


April 12th – Thomas and Courtney – Diocese of Camden, NJ “I appreciated the feedback from our teachers.”

Him: I really appreciated how thorough the responses were to our answers. It was very clear that our teachers read our responses and cared very much about the future success of our marriage.

Her: The class initiated a lot of great discussion between Tom and myself and we really enjoyed the feedback we were provided. It gave us an outside perspective and helped us think even more about obstacles we may face in marriage and how we can overcome them.

Both: We were able to discuss the different topics that came up in the exercises and understand each other's perspectives deeper.


April 13th – Carmel and Berenice – Archdiocese of San Antonio, TX “This course gave me the resources to be a better Catholic and husband”

Him: This course was very helpful and provided us with many resources that we can use during our marriage. This course allowed us to discuss difficult topics and learn more about each other’s needs.

Her: I really enjoyed the material. I learned a lot about the Church and its teachings, and it opened up many conversations for Carmel and I feel like we have a better understanding of what marriage means and the commitment we are about to make.

Both: There were some parts in which our initial reaction was to completely disagree, and seemingly very passionately so. This course allowed us to communicate through these topics and establish a way to talk through our disagreements in a healthy way. We realized a lot of our disagreement came from differences in interpretation.


April 14th – Davis and Mary – Diocese of Phoenix, AZ “It made me realize the importance of marriage”

Him: This course was extremely helpful. It taught us both how to go through life together as one unit. It also brought up deep conversations that we would not have had otherwise.

Her: This course helped us answer hard questions that made us really look at how we want our life to be. We learned tons of information that we will be keeping moving forward as well as our instructors were wonderful! We feel closer than ever and cannot wait to start on the right foot in our next stage of life.

Both: Since starting the course, we have elevated our communication. It showed us how to have disagreements but still be mindful of each other’s feelings.