April 3rd  – Kevin and Annastiasha – Diocese of Toledo, OH  “We are set up for success because of this marriage prep”

Him: I thought the class was very thorough and covered every aspect of the Catholic faith. It challenged us to think outside the box and learn how to grow our faith and our relationship.

Her: I thought it was a great way to grow our faith and gain a deeper understanding of God's plan for us and our upcoming wedding.

Both: We took the time to have in depth discussions about the teachings of Christ and how we can adjust our current lifestyle to be better followers of the Lord. These classes gave us some much-needed guidance on how we can proceed as a Catholic couple.

April 4th – Michael and Madeleine – Archdiocese of Baltimore, MD  “I appreciated the detailed feedback we received from our instructors”

Him: I felt that the course was very thorough and covered a wide variety of topics. I like that there were videos mixed in and many links if we wanted to do more reading.

Her: This course was a great investment and brought up a lot of wonderful topics for my fiancé and I, and we spent many evenings having deep and meaningful conversation which has solidified our confidence in our relationship.

Both: We were able to first discuss our faith and the salvation the Lord gives us, to feel hopeful and inspired. By tackling some of life's more difficult and seemingly stressful conversations while in the spirit of our faith, it allowed us to set honest and devout expectations for our marriage.


April 5th – Gray and Gretheel – Diocese of Orange, CA  “I am so happy that we took this course during such a pivotal time in our life”

Him: It was so insightful to have scripture connected to the teachings in each lesson. There was back up and support to what we were learning and being taught.

Her: I too enjoyed having scripture connected to the points addressed in the lessons. This will also help us in the future to turn to as helpful reminders and reinforcement.

Both: The course nudged us to have further insightful conversations around very difficult topics. While at some points in time, tension rose, we had tools throughout the course to help us get through those conversations and see each other’s perspective. We also think that we heard the message that marriage is a lifelong commitment of work. We won't always get it right and we will make mistakes, taking out the image of perfectionism.


April 6th – Julian and Cristina – Diocese of Oakland, CA  “I plan to pray more than I normally do, and go to mass on Sundays”

Him: The class was a great experience and it did a really good job in prepping me for marriage in another aspect which is my faith. There were many informational classes in respect to the teachings of the Bible. It was good to reflect back on these readings and give it our own thought. There is no right or wrong in our responses, but it was still helpful to receive good feedback.

Her: The class did a great job in preparing me for marriage and my role as a wife because there was a lot of feedback for every question that helped me better understand and prepare me. The teachings from the Bible with explanation after were helpful. I enjoyed the videos as well as they were entertaining and informative.

Both: It made us communicate better not just through our normal conversation but challenged us and engage deeply through God. We were taught about God's love and the teachings made us think deeper and how they revolve in our daily lives. We will apply what we learned to help build our foundation of our marriage and to create a strong relationship as husband and wife.


April 7th – Anonymous – Diocese of Rockville Center, NY  “I liked how this created a schedule for us to get together and speak in-depth about a topic we may not have explored otherwise”

Him: This was a really great and eye-opening experience. I feel fortunate we were able to complete this together at the pace we did. We learned a lot about foundations we want to instill in our marriage, and we also learned things about each other that we maybe wouldn’t have known.

Her: This was a wonderful experience. Similar to what Chris said, I think we learned so much during these last few months, more about our faith, how we want to channel and practice and implement our relationship with God and incorporate it in our marriage.

Both: It showed the crucial role God, and our faith plays in our marriage life every day and every step of the way. Marriage, children and aging together.