Couple to Couple League

CCL provides NFP instruction that is both thorough and engaging. You’ll learn the Sympto-Thermal Method, a modern, scientific and highly effective way to postpone or achieve pregnancy. With the guidance of a certified teaching couple, you and your fiancé or spouse will benefit from both their knowledge of the method and experience of using NFP in their own marriage. No matter which form of our class you select, you will receive our first-rate program and ongoing support while learning and beyond.

CCL’s Main NFP Course is offered three different ways: Live Onsite, Live Online and Self-paced Online. Each option comes with the ability to collaborate with one of our certified teaching couples.

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NFP BasicsNFP Basics Program

You've heard about Natural Family Planning, but how do you learn more? How effective is NFP for spacing pregnancies? How do I know what tracking method is right for me?

NFP Basics is a comprehensive program that will help you first understand Catholic teaching on the purpose of marriage and your bodies. It will then give you an introduction to the different methods of Natural Family Planning and match you with a coach who will meet with one-on-one to help you select a method, answer questions you may have, and prepare you to practice Natural Family Planning confidently.

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