November 2nd Austin and Tianna – Staten Island, NY “This experience allowed us to be honest and vulnerable with one another.”

Him:I feel like it rejuvenated me into wanting to be sure to have devoted family time towards our faith and partaking in mass more consistently. 
Her:It revived my faith by making me realize how much my religion, morals, and beliefs played a part in our relationship. Wanting me to incorporate family time devoted to praying together. 
Both: We were able to spend together reflecting on the journey of our relationship and how much our faith played a part in it.

David and Valerie met in high school, have been together since 2006 and married in 2012.
David and I were civilly married for a few years before seeking Convalidation of our marriage in the Catholic Church.
Because we were civilly married before seeking the Convalidation of our Marriage, we were unsure what to expect of the Catholic Marriage prep program.
We thought we had it all figured out, having been together for 14 years we have experienced so much life together.
I mean we have grown up together for our adult life.
We are happy to admit we actually learned so much, we have a pretty strong marriage, but one thing that the Church teaches us is there is always room to grow.
We had the "if only we knew then what we know now" moment, and that's okay because thankfully God gives us a second chance.
We are so happy now to help guide couples to help understand the teachings of the Church and the blessings that can be had from the Sacrament of Matrimony. 
David is a Technical Support Engineer for a Geospatial Software Company and Valerie is an Applications Analyst for a Catholic Health System.
We are from a small town in Northeastern Colorado where we enjoy the great outdoors such as camping, hunting/fishing.
We enjoy spending time with our families, and our Boxer Tyson.
In our free time, we are youth sports coaches, and volunteering as Marriage Prep instructors for our home Catholic Church. Which led us to join the Agape Ministry as Marriage Prep Instructors to help couples in their journey to the Sacrament of Matrimony.

October 26th Kai Jun and Rita – Singapore (Asia) “This course has enabled us to discuss matters that we never knew were important in our relationship.” 

Him:I was able to learn greater insights and understanding of the Catholic church and its practices, which has been helpful, especially for a non-Catholic like me. 
Her:It has helped me understand more on how to lead a God centric marriage with my husband.
Both: We have learned about God's love and we hope to be a better reflection of God's love by loving each other wholeheartedly.

October 18th Jeremy and Crystal – Singapore (Asia) “Very meaningful replies and answers provided back to us.” Scott and Kimmi, CA

Him: The responses on the answers were very well analyzed and offered detailed explanations. Every response allowed me to understand the different views and meanings. 
Her:The time taken to analyze questions and answers given back, it allowed us to grow closer emotionally and deeper in our faith.
Both: It brightened our thoughts on different subjects and brought our relationship closer in the faith.

October 19th Joseph and Melissa – Johnston, RI “We really enjoyed the conversations it inspired between us and the knowledge we obtained.” 

Him: I was able to expand my knowledge of God, the Church and the Sacrament of Marriage. This in turn expanded and revived my faith.
Her:My faith was revived and expanded with the various readings and questions we discussed and worked through and our conversations to each other about the Sacrament of Marriage and our goals and hopes in our marriage.
Both: It inspired more conversations between us about God, the Church, and our goals as a couple in marriage.

October 20th Patrick and Kathryn – Lee, MA “Our instructors took great care of us during this entire process. Above all, we got this done during a pandemic!”

Him: I appreciated the way these activities brought us closer together and expect the same things out of a marriage.
Her:We talked about every part; body, mind, and soul, re-affirmed and rediscovered our similar core values.
Both:It provided new angles and perspectives to examine the scripture and our eternal lives. The roll playing activities and variety of materials, created a relaxed and conversational atmosphere for it all to take place in.

October 21st Matthew and Vivian – Houston, TX “It allowed us to analyze our relationship and communicate as a soon to be married couple.”

Him:This was a big step that I knew would help me grow closer to God and rebuild my faith through discussions that we could share.
Her: This marriage prep brought up conversations that have helped us grow closer.
Both: We appreciated the time we took to discuss each question and learn more about the other.

October 22nd Adam and Monica – Magnolia, TX “Feedback was plentiful and non-judgmental.”

Him:Our instructors were very insightful, and we did not fear being judged with our answers. They showed us another perspective and provided input from Cardinals, Deacons, and the Popes to guide our understanding.
Her: I like how much real effort that was put into this, it was a nice reminder that we weren't just another number but were unique and personalized
BothBy helping us to see things from outside view not just from experienced couples but by also seeing it through the wishes of God and what he made marriage to be.

October 12th Tim and Maddy – Sacramento, CA
“The class strengthened our appreciation for the sacrament.”

Him: The class strengthened our appreciation for the sacrament and enlightened us further in understanding that it must be approached with a willingness to serve God and spouse with love and sacrifice. 
Her:It provides us with a sound basis and foundation as we enter the sacrament.
Both: It has served to strengthen an already fervent spiritual life in both of us.

What is your overall impression of this class?
Him: Initially, I was hesitant about an online course, but we really did not have a choice due to covid-19. After completing the course, I have nothing but positives to say. The lessons were also very applicable, very Catholic, and the personal touch of our instructors made everything hit home. I felt they really cared about everything we had to say and would deliver sound advice to us each lesson.
Her: I really liked this prep course! I was worried about it not being in-depth enough or as extensive as an in-person course, but I actually think we put more time in together on the material than an in-person course would have required. I loved having a couple mentor us over the course of the prep, and I think that we both will remember a lot of helpful and meaningful things that our instructors told us in our answer keys.

September 21st Anthony and Rachael – Pittsburgh, PA
“We were very impressed with the course!”

Him: The course was very thorough and informative. We learned a lot, and I think I got much more from this than I would have from a weekend-long workshop.

Her: The questions brought up a lot of things to discuss and reflect on faith wise. They also gave us concrete ideas on how to carry out our faith together and as a family.

Both: Submitting section by section allowed us to discuss feedback and have time to think about it over a longer period. We really liked this format.

August 31st Jack and Hailey – Fresno, CA
“The course showed us our foundation as a couple.”

Him: I thought the course was very helpful. It helped us to take a much closer look and discuss things such as goal's, shortcomings and techniques and tools for a successful marriage. It provided a lot of helpful tools and advice, especially the focus on prayer, humility, planning, and honest communication.

Her: It really went into depth on Church teaching specifically on marriage. I really appreciated all the thought provoking questions.

Both: It allowed us to become more comfortable in talking about big and small issues alike. The course provided us with a deeper understanding of each other and honestly made us fall more in love with each other.

August 24th Justin and Carissa – Greensburg, PA
“The course showed us how a strong faith can benefit our marriage.”

Him: I appreciated the little things like writing love notes and opening up more to each other then we normally would.

Her: We have been together for 7 years now and I thought there wasn’t anything else we could learn from each other but after taking this course we, both have learned a lot more about each other and about faith.

Both: Realizing how much prayer and certain aspects of faith can have such an impact on our marriage and bring us together more makes us want to have a stronger faith and get closer to God.

August 17th J. T and Sandra – Monterey, CA
“The course was insightful.”

Him: I really enjoyed the challenge that was answering these questions and the discussions that it created with my fiancée.  I was satisfied with the types of content that was covered.

Her: What I appreciated most was having a couple assigned to us that were accessible.  If we had questions or comments, they could respond and help us along the way, if needed.

Both: Some of the questions we hadn't contemplated before we took this course.  So it allowed us to discuss issues that we wouldn't have thought of on our own.

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