January 20th Steven and Monica – Portland, OR
“We feel that we have really grown under the guidance of the course.”

Him: This program went much further in depth than I actually expected. I had heard from others that took weekend classes how easy and simplistic they were. For us, this course challenged us, gave us great insight, and the feedback was more thorough than I could've imagined.

Her: I appreciate the personal responses that were provided for us. The feedback encouraged me to take my time to reach and answer questions seriously.

Both:  I felt that this course reminded us to keep our relationship God centered as we navigate marriage.It also gave us very specific and important topics to discuss in depth creating a structure for our communication.

January 13th William and Ellen – Lafayette, LA
“We truly loved the course and enjoyed the process.”

Him: I really appreciated that this course allowed me to learn new, interesting things about my fiancée’s viewpoints and beliefs while also educating us about the church’s teachings.

Her: Our instructors had amazing feedback and they made everything very relatable. I never felt judged for my answers and I felt like I could be 100% open and honest with my thoughts.

Both It reminded us, of the true meaning and sacredness of marriage-it reminded us to not let the everyday stressors of life and the evilness in the world get in between us as a couple and our relationship with God. 


January 6th Mikie and Alison – Baton Rouge, LA
“The course had a positive impact on me.”

Him: The course was very educational and informative.  I definitely feel better prepared to enter into marriage.It was nice to be able to share and learn the God's expectations of us together throughout the course.

Her: I felt that the course was very interactive and I was able to get a lot of feedback on answers I may not have been sure about. We were able to have some great discussions

BothWe were able to communicate through God and his teachings.  The course forced us to talk about subjects that may have otherwise been pushed aside. It made me realize that we need to make a conscious effort to grow our relationship with God.


December 30th Matthew and Alexandria – Harrisburg, PA
“The course taught us new things about the faith and marriage.”

Him: I am not Catholic, but the course showed me a different side to the Church that it's not about rules & laws, but that it’s meant to be there to brings us closer to Christ.

Her: The course brought us both closer in faith & understanding on the beauty of the Catholic Church with its views on marriage.

BothIt made us more aware of the expectations of marriage that it's not just about the two of us, it's also about Christ & that he has to be in the center of the marriage. It helps us as a couple be more understanding and patient with one another when we have differing views on something!


December 23rd Alexander and Sara – Toronto, Canada
“The course met all of our expectations.”

Him: I appreciated the prompt feedback and attention to care and detail.It was valuable for us to receive such high quality feedback that could help us start our own journey.

Her: I absolutely loved working at our own pace. We have busy schedules, but we value the importance and necessity of this marriage preparation, so we were incredibly happy to find something to fit our needs.

BothStarting the conversation with God and the Church in mind helped orient us and give us quality opportunities to talk about our relationship to one another and with God. 

December 16th Matthew and Jessica – Cleveland, OH
“The course made for great discussions.”

Him: I’m glad we were able to complete at our own pace, I think we grew closer as a couple.

Her: The course was great! It was easy to follow, and it was also nice to be able to do it on our own time. I would highly recommend to other couples preparing for marriage.

BothGot us to talk about some tougher things and it was nice to get feed back on our answers, gave us more things to think and talk about.


December 9th Jacob and Holly – San Diego, CA
“The course was awesome and very thorough.”

Him: I appreciated all of the resources. They were helpful in addition to the questions.The course also helped me learn more about practicing the Catholic faith and has inspired me to attend Mass more.

Her: This was a really solid course that encompassed all aspects of the faith and preparation for the Sacrament of Matrimony.

BothThe course definitely helped because there were some very controversial questions that encouraged us to discuss and clarify our feelings about it.

December 2nd Josh and Leonela – New Orleans, LA
“The course made us work as a team.”

Him:  I liked how the course made us work together and the discussions it lead to, helping to make our relationship stronger, and we got to discuss some things about life that we had not talked about.

Her: Reading the Bible and it's passages on marriage made me appreciate how special it is and how has been preparing us to serve God.

Both We loved how it brought us closer, reading the passages together, talking about the teaching points together and how we could grow as a couple or how we could solve future problems together really made us closer.

November 25th Kirill and Gisele – Galveston-Huston, TX
“I’m very happy with how the course turned out!”

Him:  The course was very useful. I learned a lot related to the Catholic Church and its views on marriage, family, children, etc.

Her: I now feel stronger about including the Church in the future upbringing of our family. And the amount and quality of feedback exceeded my expectations!

Both The amount of detailed feedback from our instructors was so appreciated! And the use of varying media (mixed video, audio, and reading) worked very well. 


November 18th Kovi and Annie – Colorado Springs, CO
“We enjoyed learning how to integrate our faith into our marriage!”

Him: The course work was very insightful and allowed us to examine our relationship deeper and gain a better understanding of God and grow in our relationship and knowledge of God's love.

Her: This course had taught me more about the important role that God plays in not just my personal life, but the life Kovi and I are building as a married couple.

Both This course asked in depth questions that we had to answer as a couple and not as an individual. We learned how to listen to each other’s wants and needs.


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