May 18th John and Meredith – Denver CO
“We sure learned a lot.”

Him:  The feedback was also tailored to us, definitely a personalized experience. I was happy to see how built out the platform was.

Her: I thought the prep was very thorough and informative. It gave us a chance to reflect on our beliefs and relationship, have discussions we normally would not have had without the prep and a chance to work together.

Both: I feel like we connected about our personal beliefs, expectations for marriage and how we will incorporate God into our lives. It gave us more knowledge about all things related to marriage and it also broadened our knowledge behind the faith.

May 11th Marcus and Leta – Sioux City, IA
“I am very happy that we participated in this course as a couple.”

Him: This course brought us closer together as a couple in many different ways.Praying together everyday was one of the biggest takeaways for me.

Her: I appreciated all the feedback we received from our instructors. Our answers were pretty short but our instructors did a very good job at adding to our response with a huge amount of insight.

Both: Our communication and awareness of where God is at in our relationship is much clearer and because of that we are even happier than we were before.

May 4th Justin and Deepika – Camden, NJ
“The course allowed us to connect on a level I didn’t expect.”

Him: I can’t imagine the one day retreat being as impactful as this course. Getting real feedback really helped me see valuable insights and relatable insights.

Her: I really enjoyed conversations about understanding the sacrament of marriage, meaning of man and women under a catholic pre-text, idea of conscience and forgiveness. If this course was done in one day, I feel I wouldn’t have benefited the same way.

Both: This helped us set some time together to communicate and share about personal aspects of the Catholic church and marriage that we might not have talked about.

April 27th Leobardo and Mellissa – Tyler, TX
“The course gave us good advice.”

Him:  It definitely gave me a better understanding on what Mellissa and I should work on a couple. I learned the deeper meaning of starting a family and I learned new things that were not told to us before. 

Her: I appreciated the assignment of matrimony and forgiveness.This course helped us start a more concrete plan of how we want to bring up our family and the forgiveness lesson helped me realize that we should move pass any judgments that are said and learn to forgive as Christ always forgives.

Both: I thought the course was very useful because Mellissa and I were able to get a better understanding of marriage for when our day comes.

April 20th Jacob and Kathleen – Austin, TX
“The course is a valuable tool.”

Him: I believe the course was very helpful in creating a solid foundation for our future marriage. It spurred discussion about our values, goals, and aspirations.

Her: Reading the answer keys after completing the assignment was very valuable to me. Seeing an outside perspective/reinforcement from the instructors was beneficial.

Both: The course inspired us to increase our reading of scripture and have prayers together. It also created many conversations and it was invaluable to have those discussions before marriage.

April 13th Nicholas and Kaily – Milwaukee, WI
“The course improved our communication.”

Him: I appreciated the feedback from the instructors. It always gave much more insight to the questions and our answers.

Her: I felt that the online marriage prep was a wonderful program. It opened up lines of communication between us and introduced us to topics we may not have considered. I felt it was organized very well and I enjoyed the layout of each lesson.

Both: It forced each of us to improve our individual communication with one another so that way the other person could develop a better understanding of what was going through the other persons mind.

April 6th Tim and Julia – London, UK
“There were great topics to talk about.”

Him: The course allowed us to get into deep discussion about our core values, family planning, and how to raise our children. It was a really enjoyable time.

Her: The lessons reminded me of what marriage means. It also made me discover more about marriage that I had not paid much attention to before reading more about marriage through the bible.

Both: We enjoyed having this time together to discuss our future together. There were some great conversation starters that made us talk about things we may have never thought about prior to getting married.

March 30th Tyler and Katie – Kansas City, MO
“We enjoyed the course.”

Him: This course accommodated our timeline and was appreciated due to our relationship distance. The timeliness of the responses was great.

Her: I really appreciated the ability for the course to be flexible with our schedules. I also liked that it helped us find new ways to relate the church to our lives.

Both: The course helped us to relate our lives to the church in some way. This was helpful and sparked a lot of interesting conversations.

March 23rd William and Andrea – San Diego, CA
“The topics were really insightful and beneficial.”

Him: The course explained the Church's views on marriage, gave us resources to read and use, and gave us ideas of the scenarios we will face as a married couple along with giving us plausible solutions to those scenarios.

Her: Throughout this course we learned about how we can make our marriage pleasing to God. These ideas we learned have strengthened my relationship with Him because now I have a better understanding of how He intended marriage to be.

Both: I appreciated the fact that we have to complete this course as a team. This helped us learn to work together and discuss things together.

March 16th Tim and Sherri – Lansing, MI
“The course helped us gain a lot of understanding.”

Him: The insight and feedback was very well thought out and I believe it has given us information and advice that will prove to be very useful in our relationship going forward.

Her: I liked the in depth biblical references relating to God's plan for marriage. It renewed my desire to continue to learn more about the Lord and his plan for us in this life and in our marriage. 

Both:  It gave us a chance to consider some specific aspects of our relationship and the sacrament of marriage. Which in turn allowed us to discuss more deeply and effectively of the opportunities that lie before us.


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