February 7th Quintin and Ivy– California -“The course has been instrumental in our process to getting married in the Church, especially during these times.”

Him: I appreciated the opportunity to learn more about my faith with regards to my married life. There were a lot of things that I learned that are going to be instrumental to me being a good husband and father.

Her: The course has helped open my eyes on the values related to marriage in the faith.

Both We will keep the things we've learned from this course in our hearts as we begin our marriage.

January 31st Roderick and Micaela– Dallas, TX -“HOLINESS is our goal.”

Him: It reminded me of the immense gift and responsibility God has given me in my future spouse. With this gift to give thanks for and this responsibility to care for, I definitely want to grow closer to God and His Church.

Her: The course worked to meet us where we're at without shying away from unpopular truths of our faith.

BothWe felt challenged, encouraged, and cared for.

January 24th Albert and Alexandria– Bensalem, PA -“It was a very lovely, informational and eye-opening course.”

Him: It helped me realize the significance God plays in our lives and in the sacrament of marriage.

Her: It revived my faith to return to Church and the sacraments more frequently.

BothThe course encouraged us to delve deeper into serious and important topics.


January 17th Tommy and Bernadette– Denver, CO -“We can’t wait to apply what we’ve learned into our marriage!”

Him: As a non-Catholic, it was great to learn about my partners religion and connect on a new level.

Her: The course revived my faith and is helping me grow as individual, but also as partner in a marriage.

BothDue to the course, we now have a clear idea on what is expected from each other as we enter marriage.

January 10th Julius and Alyssa – San Diego, CA -“The course allowed us the time and space to properly have important conversations about all aspects of our relationship.”

Him: The course helped us prepare for our marriage in a different way.

Her: I appreciated the feedback and answers we received when we needed clarification and guidance.

BothThe courseprovided a better understanding of how God is involved in our relationship and marriage at every stage when we invite him in.

January 4th Jimmy and Rachel – New Orleans, LA   “Regarding aspects of spirituality, the course facilitated us in making connections that were not as apparent before.”

Him: As a non-Catholic, it helped me to better understand the teachings and doctrine of the Catholic Church.
Her: The course laid the foundation for us to continue to grow spiritually together.
BothThe courseprovided great insight into the church's teaching and guidance on the sacrament of marriage.

December 25th Brett and Mallory – Gretna, LA - “The course was convenient (online) and brought us closer as a couple.”

Him:I appreciated how the course encouraged me to look differently at my relationship and to bring Christ into it more than before.
Her:This course inspired me to become closer to God and the church throughout my relationship.
Both: We took the time and opportunity the course gave us to have deeper conversations on important issues.

December 18th Jason and Emily – Monroeville, PA - “The course allowed us to grow and challenge our own misconceptions about marriage.”

Him:I enjoyed taking time to appreciate my fiancé even more, as well as the support from our instructors.
Her:Doing the activities within the assignments deepened my relationships with my fiancé and with God.
Both: This course encouraged us to talk about our future and we did so with God present, allowing us to grow stronger as a couple.

December 11th David and Lisa – Baltimore, MD - “The course is an excellent reference for the Catholic faithful and a great resource for non-Catholics also, on what we believe.”

Him: A course of this magnitude certainly ignites' one's desire to move closer to Almighty God and the true Church--The Catholic Church. I feel the Holy Spirit implanting commentary in my soul and correcting my thought process as a whole.
Her: While altering the course of marriage is not an easy task, a good solid marital education program like this one is an effective way in helping couples stay together and making unhappy marriages more satisfying.
Both: Completing this course together, we aretelling God that “we have time for you and we sincerely want our marriage to have "YOU" in the center of our lives daily.”

November 26th Ryan and Alyssa – San Francisco, CA - “The course lessons were inspiring, informative and very helpful to ignite thoughtful discussions with each other.”

Him:The course was so enlightening! Overall, I believe this was a phenomenal steppingstone towards the sacrament of marriage.
Her:I thought the courses were very thorough in the subjects/topics and the resources to help us understand them. Our teachers thoroughly guided us via email/online with feedback and suggestions through it all.
Both: We are eager to utilize our answer keys as a reference and guide throughout our marriage; we truly cherish them! Thank you so much to our instructors for facilitating this course for us!

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