September 21st Anthony and Rachael – Pittsburgh, PA
“We were very impressed with the course!”

Him: The course was very thorough and informative. We learned a lot, and I think I got much more from this than I would have from a weekend-long workshop.

Her: The questions brought up a lot of things to discuss and reflect on faith wise. They also gave us concrete ideas on how to carry out our faith together and as a family.

Both: Submitting section by section allowed us to discuss feedback and have time to think about it over a longer period. We really liked this format.

August 31st Jack and Hailey – Fresno, CA
“The course showed us our foundation as a couple.”

Him: I thought the course was very helpful. It helped us to take a much closer look and discuss things such as goal's, shortcomings and techniques and tools for a successful marriage. It provided a lot of helpful tools and advice, especially the focus on prayer, humility, planning, and honest communication.

Her: It really went into depth on Church teaching specifically on marriage. I really appreciated all the thought provoking questions.

Both: It allowed us to become more comfortable in talking about big and small issues alike. The course provided us with a deeper understanding of each other and honestly made us fall more in love with each other.

August 24th Justin and Carissa – Greensburg, PA
“The course showed us how a strong faith can benefit our marriage.”

Him: I appreciated the little things like writing love notes and opening up more to each other then we normally would.

Her: We have been together for 7 years now and I thought there wasn’t anything else we could learn from each other but after taking this course we, both have learned a lot more about each other and about faith.

Both: Realizing how much prayer and certain aspects of faith can have such an impact on our marriage and bring us together more makes us want to have a stronger faith and get closer to God.

August 17th J. T and Sandra – Monterey, CA
“The course was insightful.”

Him: I really enjoyed the challenge that was answering these questions and the discussions that it created with my fiancée.  I was satisfied with the types of content that was covered.

Her: What I appreciated most was having a couple assigned to us that were accessible.  If we had questions or comments, they could respond and help us along the way, if needed.

Both: Some of the questions we hadn't contemplated before we took this course.  So it allowed us to discuss issues that we wouldn't have thought of on our own.

August 10th Alexander and Lindsay – Harrisburg, PA
“We always received honest feedback.”

Him: It felt like we could be open and honest with our instructors on where we struggled and where we felt our relationship was strong, without any judgment at all.

Her: It gave us a different outlook and expectation for our wedding day. One with a deeper faith focus on the real meaning and purpose of marriage.

Both:  This was a great experience that brought deep and meaningful conversation into our lives. It allowed us to slow down, spend time with one another and focus on the true meaning and importance of marriage.

August 3rd Billy and Christina – Bridgeport, CT
“We enjoyed learning about marriage.”

Him: This experience was so helpful in figuring out how to go about our marriage. It opened my eyes to the importance of faith in a marriage, as well as highlighting many other key aspects to growing in faith as a married couple.

Her:  I thought this prep did a good job at focusing on the most important and vital aspects of marriage and how couples can grow through their faith by inviting God into their relationship.

BothIt definitely made us discuss some of the most important aspects of our relationship in accordance with our faith. Learning more about our faith and marriage was exciting to experience together.

July 27th Austin and Megan – Denver, CO
“The course went above and beyond!”

Him:  The course was excellent! It taught me so much about what a real marriage is suppose to be like. And it showed me the ways as to treat my spouse.

Her:  We are close to God and His church, but learning to pray and love each other with God in the center through this course has also brought our relationship to a new level.

BothWe have used tools in a few different arguments and I believe it had changed the course of the argument. This course has opened our eyes and strengthened our relationship.

July 20th Erik and Elizabeth – Camden, NJ
“The course gave us the tools to think as a couple.”

Him:  Overall this course did a great job preparing us for marriage. It gave us things to think about that we had not previously thought of and opened the door for constructive discussion.

Her:  The course was very helpful, especially the answers that we received from our instructors. They went into more detail than we could have on our own.

BothWe felt this course was a great alternative to an in-person class and we still got the most out of it. Our instructors were super responsive and helped us finish in a timely manner!

July 13th Steve and Magen – Philadelphia, PA
“I was very happy that there was a significant amount of background scripture mentioned.”

Him: I learned so much more about the true depth of marriage and its sanctity. I am grateful for this knowledge and will strive to live up to these expectations for the rest of my life.

Her:  The course is well organized, in-depth, and very helpful. I was especially happy to have an actual couple on the other end of the course- our instructors were wonderful.

BothIt was wonderful to be reminded of many of the teachings of the Church, and to feel closer to God by pursuing this path of marriage.

July 6th Kevin and Marissa – San Angelo, CA
“The course showed us how important faith is in our marriage.”

Him: This class was very helpful in learning about what marriage means in the Catholic faith, especially for someone who is new to Catholicism.

Her:  I appreciated most the way the class is designed - building on each assignment to lay a good foundation as we moved forward. 

BothWe truly believe we gained more from this online class than we might have at a weekend retreat because it was personalized to our specific circumstances.

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