March 16th Tim and Sherri – Lansing, MI
“The course helped us gain a lot of understanding.”

Him: The insight and feedback was very well thought out and I believe it has given us information and advice that will prove to be very useful in our relationship going forward.

Her: I liked the in depth biblical references relating to God's plan for marriage. It renewed my desire to continue to learn more about the Lord and his plan for us in this life and in our marriage. 

Both:  It gave us a chance to consider some specific aspects of our relationship and the sacrament of marriage. Which in turn allowed us to discuss more deeply and effectively of the opportunities that lie before us.


March 9th Daniel and Karina – San Diego, CA
“I appreciated that we got to do this together.”

Him: I felt like I knew a lot, but this opened me up to more ideas and an understanding of what marriage is. I feel a lot more confident now and I know we will have a successful and loving marriage.

Her: I got the answers and examples I of things that we need to do to have a strong and fruitful marriage.

Both:  We know how to talk to each other better and we discussed different ideas to show love and affection that we had not considered. 

March 2nd Gavin and Katherine – Denver, CO
“We learned more about each other.”

Him: I really liked talking about the role of the man and woman in a marriage. I think it's helped Katie and I overcome some personal wounds in our relationship, and its setting us up to be good models for our kids.

Her: This course was super comprehensive and covered basically everything we could possibly need in our toolkit for marriage! I loved the fact that everything was online, so we could take this at our own pace and avoid the hassle of working around schedules.

Both:  It helped us to identify ways where we haven't been living out our identities as woman and man to the fullest. This prompted us to have discussions about behaviors and sins that we tend to fall into, and how we can work together to avoid them. 


February 24th Ryan and Caroline – Baton Rouge, LA
“It was helpful and enjoyable!”

Him: The information in the assignments opened my eyes to many aspects of our relationship. It was eye opening to talk about the true difficulties that come in a marriage.

Her: In all honesty I thought it would just be another part of marriage prep, but I truly enjoyed going through each assignment and question with Ryan. I love that it brought so much conversation between us and helped us learn more about each other while preparing for the realities of marriage.

Both:  We feel the course will help us talk about things to each other in the event we do face the real problems once we are married.


February 17th Placid and Elisabeth – Galveston-Houston, TX
“Everything about the course was great.”

Him: The class was a great one. It gave me an insight about marriage and the expectation of marriage based on the teaching of the church and Christ.

Her: I love the class because I did learn a lot about marriage and I also learn about the teaching of Christ related to marriage. It was a great learning experience

Both:  The course actually help to improve communication between us. This is because it was the first we had to sit together and study including discussing God related issues together. 

February 10th Tommy and Natalie – Madison, WI
“I’ve already started applying things that I’ve learned in this course to my life!”

Him: I am really happy to have had this prep. It made me think deeply about my own relationship with God, made me think more deeply about what marriage means, and has allowed my fiancée and I to think deeply about our marriage, our commonalities and differences. 

Her: This was an important part of preparing for marriage and we would recommend it to others getting married, and feel sorry for those that don't take time to go through something like this together before getting married. It made us not take for granted how special marriage is and will forever be!

Both:  We were able to talk about God together on a more deep level than ever before, we honestly talked about any concerns or future issues, and that has left me feeling certain that getting married is the right thing to do and exactly what I want for the rest of my life!

February 3rd Demitri and Katherine – San Francisco, CA
“This course got us thinking about marriage in every sense.”

Him: We are super glad we did this course. It was lengthy, but in a good way because it allowed us to really take our time and understand what makes a Catholic marriage different.

Her: We learned so much and now we talk about these things on a daily basis. Even though we've been engaged for several months, I feel like we only now truly understand what we're getting into, and that's a great thing.

Both:  We now talk about subjects we never really even thought of before (formation of conscience). Our conversations are much more meaningful. It's fantastic!

January 27th Jared and Caitlin – San Francisco, CA
“We learned so much about what marriage means.”

Him: I enjoyed the topics in the courses, and each of the modules forced us to tackle topics in a structured and deep way. It helped me realize the importance of having God as the ultimate center of our relationship.

Her: I really enjoyed the close relationship we were able to establish with our instructor couple remotely, and we valued their feedback tremendously.

Both: The coursework helped us have very meaningful conversations as a couple, which set a great foundation for our marriage.

January 20th Steven and Monica – Portland, OR
“We feel that we have really grown under the guidance of the course.”

Him: This program went much further in depth than I actually expected. I had heard from others that took weekend classes how easy and simplistic they were. For us, this course challenged us, gave us great insight, and the feedback was more thorough than I could've imagined.

Her: I appreciate the personal responses that were provided for us. The feedback encouraged me to take my time to reach and answer questions seriously.

Both:  I felt that this course reminded us to keep our relationship God centered as we navigate marriage.It also gave us very specific and important topics to discuss in depth creating a structure for our communication.

January 13th William and Ellen – Lafayette, LA
“We truly loved the course and enjoyed the process.”

Him: I really appreciated that this course allowed me to learn new, interesting things about my fiancée’s viewpoints and beliefs while also educating us about the church’s teachings.

Her: Our instructors had amazing feedback and they made everything very relatable. I never felt judged for my answers and I felt like I could be 100% open and honest with my thoughts.

Both It reminded us, of the true meaning and sacredness of marriage-it reminded us to not let the everyday stressors of life and the evilness in the world get in between us as a couple and our relationship with God. 


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