May 27th – Josh and Loren (Interfaith) – Diocese of Portland, ME “I was almost taken back by the quality and depth of the information presented in this course”

Him: I found it very informative and insightful. I learned a lot of nuances in catholic theology I was unaware of and took with me a lot of helpful information that I believe will help us strength our marriage and bond. There were lots of helpful tactics I believe I will carry with me for many years to come. 

Her: I learned a lot about the catholic faith. I am in the process of considering converting and becoming a Catholic and this was helpful for this reason. I appreciate the raw and vulnerable nature of the instructors and their willingness to really connect with us through this course

Both: I think there were just a lot of side conversations and things we wouldn’t probably have spoken about in such depth without this course and we are very grateful for that.


May 28th – Isaac and Sofia – Archdiocese for the Military Services “It lets us take our relationship to deeper more religious centered practices to try and have a strong center around it”

Him: I found it super helpful to go through this with my wife as it helped us discussion things more concisely than we might have discussed before but not in depth. It brought out good conversation and discussion.

Her: I found it super helpful for me and my husband to have gone through it. We had insightful discussions on the topics that we went over and sometimes it led to having to fully explain misconceptions we had about how we see certain topics.

Both: It had us go deeper into topics that we realized needed to be more addressed in our relationship and it challenged us to be better explainers to not allow for misinterpretation.


May 29th – Christopher and Ksenija (Convalidation) – Diocese of San Jose, CA “It gave me knowledge to build strong, faith centered marriage that can withstand the challenges of life”

Him: I was apprehensive of what I could learn from this course, however, to my surprise I learned a lot about our relationship and how we can continue to improve our relationship with each other, Christ and the church and, ultimately, how those relationships are all intertwined.

Her: Even though we have been married for 13 years, thru this course we learned a lot more about ourselves and marriage as a sacrament. I learned that marriage is not only commitment/relationship between me and my husband but also covenant reflecting the relationship between Christ and the church.

Both: By putting concepts in front of us that we had not discussed before allowed us to get to know each other on another level and re-prioritize our relationship with one another, the church and Christ.


May 30th – Daniel and Maria– Archdiocese of San Francisco, CA “Surpassed my expectations with how involved we were with each assignment.”

Him: I was a little anxious about this process, but being able to do it at home, at our pace and discuss at our pace was an incredible way to really understand everything and not feel pressure. The explanations that our instructors provided helped clarify everything and made the assignment very enjoyable.

Her: The online course was phenomenal; we were able to discuss the subject in the privacy of our home at our own pace while still getting the full experience and feedback from our amazing instructor. Our instructors were great!

Both: It just solidified even more how we want to move forward with our marriage with His teachings at our fore front.


May 31st – Raul and Jessica – Archdiocese of Washington, DC “I couldn’t be happier or pleased to have gone on this journey with her with God at the center of our relationship”

Him: What I appreciated most was the time that we would both commit to do this marriage preparation course. Despite our busy schedules and everything that could interfere with this commitment in life, we stayed committed and I really appreciated the time that we both took to do this together. We are stronger from the experience.

Her: I appreciated the biblical references in the bible which supported the teachings. Additionally, I appreciated the recommendations for counsel on effective communication.

Both: Being intentional gave us the time to really communicate about the subjects that we normally wouldn’t have had time to talk about since we didn’t have a devoted time to talk about those subjects. Communication has been a strong quality of our relationship, and we have enjoyed talking about our future plans as a couple, family, and going to church every Sunday to love and honor God’s love for us.