May 6th – Stephen and Theresa-Marie – Diocese of Stockton, CA “This course allowed us to communicate better”

Him: I am extremely satisfied with this course, it allowed us to work in a timely manner and it was perfect to schedule around our time zones. It was really easy going and stress free.

Her: I am overjoyed and very satisfied with this pre-cana course. Our instructors were very kind, understanding and it felt like a safe and a nonjudgmental space to be ourselves. 

Both: Our instructors were absolutely amazing, they make you feel right at home, we love being able to express ourselves and that is exactly what they brought to the table and it allowed us to really put our hearts out there.


May 7th – Sean and Elishia – Diocese of St. Paul, Alberta “I was made aware of a deeper understanding of faith within the context of marriage”

Him: I learned a lot of things, it was an eye opener and an enlightening moment. This will definitely help us on our journey as a married couple. We learned more about each other’s feelings and emotions to a certain situation. And importantly we make God as the center of our relationship.

Her: The course provided valuable lessons for us into problem solving, communication and navigating challenges within the marriage God as the center of it. It also helped us grow closer and we learned ways to strengthen our relationship.

Both: Participating in a marriage course helped us communicate better, share more deeply as a couple, and establish a strong foundation for our marriage. The structured learning and discussions provided valuable tools and insights that enhanced our connection and understanding of each other, setting a positive groundwork for our future together.


May 8th – David and Daniela – Diocese of St. Petersburg, FL “It felt good knowing we have so many resources to help us in our upcoming marriage”

Him: This course was great from both a practical and substantive standpoint. It allowed us to work at our own pace and truly take the time to read and understand the individual lessons.

Her: I really appreciated the thought-provoking and personalized feedback we received from our amazing instructors, Frel and Froy. It felt much more personal than a large class.

Both: The ability to work at our own pace and also the private assignments (love letters, quizzes, etc) allowed us to truly work together and take time to focus on the importance of each topic and how it applies to our own situation.


May 9th – Michael and Rachel – Diocese of Colorado Springs, CO “I appreciated learning more about God's plan for marriage and how we can formulate our marriage around His plan for us”

Him: Great information, great talking points, and overall comments were thought-provoking and quite guiding for us.

Her: I found this course to be very informative and allowed us to grow together as a couple. I also found that this course helped us center our relationship around Christ and allowed us to form a strong foundation for our marriage!

Both: The relationship tools that the course went over were very helpful. The practice questions allowed to try new communication techniques and there were many topics that led to meaningful discussions throughout the process. Going through this process allowed us to get on the same page regarding marriage expectations and life plans. We found this to be a very rewarding experience.


May 10th – Jack and Adrian – Diocese of Austin, TX “Our instructor’s openness with us also encouraged Jack and I to be more open with each other throughout the process.”

Him: I was really impressed with the thoughtfulness of the responses of our mentor couple. I anticipate that we will bring these reviewed documents up in the future to look back on.

Her: Our instructors were absolutely fabulous in not only ensuring that we understood the content, but giving a deep/richer meaning to everything. They also gave us such personal responses that were so in depth and thought out. We loved doing this course especially with them.

Both: The discussion topics allowed for a deeper dive into a lot of the things we’ve already talked about over our years together in our dating relationship.