April 15th – William and Jazmin (Interfaith) – Diocese of Pueblo, CO “I appreciated all the details that our instructors gave us, it showed that they paid a lot of attention to us”

Him: As someone who is not Catholic, I appreciated the lessons and insight into what the Catholic Church taught on marriage and everything. I think that this course seemed like a good over view of the faith and I feel that it allowed for myself and my fiancée to grow closer as we prepped for our marriage.

Her: I appreciated all the supplemental materials that our instructors provided. It gave me great insight as to how we can talk about my faith and I feel as though Kyle was supported in the class. I also really enjoyed all the prompts for us I felt as though we got closer.

Both: This course allowed us as a couple to discuss things that we had not originally discussed. Furthermore, it provided lessons on difficult topics that once again fueled discussions between us and allowed for further development of our relationship. It also allowed us to get an idea of what to expect as we partake in our new marriage.


April 16th – Przemyslaw and Tamara – Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY “I think it really renewed my desire to get closer to God and his Church”

Him: The course was fantastic. Tamara and I really enjoyed the topics that were covered as well as the feedback we received from our instructors. In particular I really enjoyed working with our instructors as they provided really insightful feedback that was specifically tailored to Tamara and I.

Her: The course topics were great! Our instructors responded very promptly to all our courses, which was really appreciated. They offered great feedback and resources each week. I enjoyed that the course is online and in your own time. Przemek and I were able to discuss everything openly and at our own pace.

Both: It definitely got us discussing the foundations outlined throughout the course. We discussed family planning, communication, forgiveness, expectations and a lot more things that build out a marriage.


April 17th – Mario and Nikki – Archdiocese of Denver, CO “Getting through the material was so much easier knowing we had another couple to lean on for guidance”

Him: This course was very detailed and realistic. It was the perfect blend of theology, and real-life experience and expectations. 

Her: The course was very helpful to our marriage and our instructors always gave us such thoughtful feedback. It really felt like they were here to support and guide us through this whole experience. 

Both: We are reminded how important open and honest communication with your spouse and God is.


April 18th – Joseph and Emily – Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY “Our discussions allowed us to be more open and honest with each other prior to getting married”

Him: I felt comfortable being honest with our instructors about my faith and appreciate the non-judgment and only willingness to help and give helpful advice.

Her: I was extremely satisfied with this course. The instructors gave us great feedback and the ability to do the course at our own pace made it very manageable. Also, doing the course online allowed us ample time to discuss each question and make good connections both together and with God.

Both: It allowed us to discuss things we normally wouldn’t have and have deep conversations about our future plans and family planning.


April 19th – Brian and Leighanna – Diocese of Cleveland, OH “I found the lessons to be extremely informative and thought-provoking”

Him: I am extremely satisfied and happy at the results the course provided us. Not only do Leighanna and I feel closer with each other, but with God and our faith. It makes the whole marriage process so much more exciting.

Her: I am very happy with the course and so blessed/thankful for all the hard work our instructors gave us. Their insight truly helped us through this process and kept us grounded.

Both: The course really did push our boundaries that we haven't necessarily explored together in the past. The conversations were sometimes challenging, but we stuck with them regardless and were stronger in communication and in our faith because of it. It really showed us we didn't need to be afraid to have those tough conversations.