April 8th – Tanner and Madison – Diocese of Sioux City, IA “This course was helpful and will positively impact our marriage and relationship with God”

Him: This course gave us the opportunity to grow in our relationship with God and understand the importance of God within our marriage

Her: I now think about God and marriage differently, it really opened my eyes. I truly believe we grew throughout this experience.

Both: It made both of us have more of an open mind towards one another, so the communication was better between us. We will continue to use a strong foundation throughout marriage of communication because it is one of the most important tasks of marriage.


April 9th – Michael and Marion – Diocese of Orange, CA “It was good learning from the perspective of a couple that is already married.”

Him: It was great hearing our instructor’s perspective on things and learning more about the Catholic faith. I feel that I understand my partner so much better now.

Her: The course helped us start conversations that we didn't think would be important before marriage. It helped us to be more vulnerable and see what our thoughts about topics such as forgiveness.

Both: There were a lot of questions that required us to think deeply and share our feelings with each other. We talked about our goals, our hopes, and our dreams along with some of our concerns. We feel that we know each other even better now thanks to this course.


April 10th – James and Claire – Diocese of Arlington, VA “We talked about a lot of things that we had not talked about before”

Him: The instructors gave well-thought out and extensive feedback that was helpful and really taught us a lot. Doing the course in segments gave me and my partner time to think about different concepts and put a lot more thought into learning and understanding.

Her: The instructors provided personal anecdotes and helped provide different points of view on commonly misunderstood points.

Both: Our instructors were fantastic and really put in a lot of time and effort on this spiritual journey with us. We really appreciate them doing this with us and highly recommend this to any future couple going through this process. 


April 11th – Stephen and Christiana – Archdiocese of Los Angeles, CA “This course ignited and revived my desire to grow closer to God through prayer, attending Mass together, and participating in church activities”

Him: We were very satisfied with the course because it provided comprehensive information and guidance on various aspects of marriage. It helped us deepen our understanding of each other and the Catholic faith.

Her: We were very satisfied with the course. It gave us valuable insights and practical tools to strengthen our relationship and prepare for marriage.

Both: The course provided a structured framework for us to communicate effectively and discuss important topics openly and honestly. It encouraged us to listen to each other's perspectives and work together to build a strong foundation for our marriage.


April 12th – Drew and Kacie – Diocese of Austin, TX “It also allowed us to build a blueprint of our future for raising children in the Church”

Him: This course allowed me to bring faith and God the front of our relationship and be a constant reminder that God and the Church our also part of our marriage.

Her: I really enjoyed the course. Our instructors were able to provide additional context to each topic to allow us to think deeper and allow us to think in other ways. I feel it has strengthened our relationship going into marriage.

Both: The course not only allowed us to grow as a couple it ignited us to have God stay the center of our relationship and allowed us to think of ways to practice our faith deeper.