April 1st – Evan and Reese – Archdiocese of Edmonton, AB “I appreciated the feedback from our instructors”

Him: I am very glad we took this course as I feel it highlighted aspects of our relationship which we can continue to work on to have a healthy and happy marriage. It allowed me to take the time with Reese to explore our faith and connection with God and find ways to strengthen and build our relationship with God in our future marriage.

Her: This course allowed us to dive deeper into conversation and explore our relationship with God. The questions allowed us to take a step back and examine our relationship and highlighted aspects to work on and grow our marriage and our faith.

Both: It allowed us to dedicate time to examine our relationship and explore topics which we had not necessarily talked about before. We both have found ourselves talking more openly and freely about our faith and our relationships with God both as individuals and as a couple.


April 2nd – Alen and Jacquelyne – Diocese of Camden, NJ “I enjoyed the fact that we could break it up into different sections and really take our time through each one to talk more about things as we went”

Him: Our instructors were a great help with all of their feedback to the answers we provided. The overall course really made me think deeper and in different ways about many things within my Faith and within my relationship with Jackie. It was a great way to prepare for the marriage we are entering into.

Her: I was very impressed with the course. The amount of feedback through each session was not what I had expected but it was very insightful.

Both: This is an entirely new experience for both of us, so communicating through the beginning of a marriage is crucial. The course helped us open up more about the relationships in each of our lives and how they have affected us and made us who we are today. We also know that our relationship is unique to us and we cannot let outside relationships and past experiences become excuses to the foundation of our marriage. We have built something great here, and we know this is only the beginning. Marriage is a marathon, and we have to survive the valleys and cherish the peaks. This course has allowed us to share our communication styles and we opened up more about how we lean on our Faith in times of trouble. It has been an important way for us to prepare to serve one another in the relationship.

April 3rd – Christopher and Cara – Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY “The personalized attention from instructors made the experience feel tailored to our needs”

Him: Agape Catholic Ministries' online pre-cana course surpassed my expectations. The content was comprehensive and engaging, covering essential topics with clarity and sincerity. Personalized attention from instructors made it feel tailored to our needs. Integrating practical advice with spirituality strengthened our bond and readiness for marriage. Highly recommend!

Her: I completely agree. The course was informative and thought-provoking. The instructors created a personal connection despite the online format. I appreciated the emphasis on faith and prayer in our relationship. Overall, exceeded expectations and highly recommended.

Both: The process of the course did allow us to communicate better, share in depth as a couple, and start building the foundations of our marriage. it allowed us to set time to one another and really dive into some thorough topics.


April 4th – Alfonso and Yesenia (Civilly Married)– Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston “Our instructors were very thorough, I really appreciated their input!”

Him: I have learned a lot on how to live a marriage the way God wants it.

Her: Really enjoyed this course! Although my husband and I have been together for 10 years, this course really brought us closer together and we have learned how to live a God lead life. We feel closer to each other and God. We have made some changes in our civil union and we are ready to receive the sacrament of marriage!

Both: We have learned many things from this course, one of the most important for us that we have learned is how to communicate in a better way. We are thankful and ready to take the next step to solidify our relationship.


April 5th – Tomasz and Shannon – Archdiocese of Edmonton, AB “I appreciated how the course guided us towards having a deeper conversation on many topics we had never really conversed at length about in the past”

Him: The course was exactly what we needed. It allowed us to work at our own pace and made things easy. The course material itself was very enlightening in many ways and really put into perspective how important our shared faith is in our present lives, and how important our bond with Christ will be in our future together. Each assignment gave us new insight into how we can strengthen our bond with each other and with God, and all the feedback we received from our instructors gave us even more understanding on all the topics we covered. I am very happy with how the course has gone and what it has taught me.

Her: I was extremely satisfied with everything about the course! The flexibility with it being virtual allowed Tomasz and I to get to work on it as a couple when we had free time in our schedules. Working together allowed us to bond and learn more about ourselves individually and as a pair. The feedback received from our instructors allowed us to further our knowledge on these topics. We are constantly learning and very much appreciate the new knowledge we have gained from this course as long as a stronger relationship with God.

Both: It has definitely benefited us and our relationship. We believe that we have the proper tools to build a strong foundation with. Our expectations of one another are clear and we can have faith in our shared relationship with God and that he will continue to guide us on our journey together.