March 25th – Benjamin and Andrea – Diocese of Orlando, FL “All the insight from our instructors provided excellent points of communication”

Him: Great feedback from our instructors, timely, and insightful.

Her: Our instructors offered us so many points of conversation to enrich our relationship. I am so grateful for them and this course.

Both: This course allowed us to have meaningful conversations about God, His Church, and what it means to be Catholic.


March 26th – Adam and Kayti – Diocese of Colorado Springs, CO “This course helped me in seeing the personhood of God rather than it being a religion”

Him: I feel that I know my future wife better and how we can grow in our relationship on multiple levels. This course emphasized the commitment we are making to one another and the seriousness of marriage. The supplemental links and feedback were helpful for us to have further discussion.

Her: Working at home allowed us to have really personal, intimate conversations about our marriage and our future and what we want that to look like. I found the feedback from our instructors to be very helpful.

Both: We had not had the opportunity to discuss finances yet. This helped us start a budget and determine what is important to us in regards to our spending. Also, we were able to discuss potential problems or relationships in our lives that might cause friction in our marriage. We are better equipped to prepare for the troubles we will face in our marriage.


March 27th – Alec and Madison (Interfaith) – Diocese of Lafayette in Louisiana, LA  “It showed me how important Catholicism and God is in my life”

Him: liked the personal feedback from our instructors! It was very thorough and always left me with something to think about.

Her: I think I appreciated the information contained within the courses through the instructor's feedback. I really didn't know the depths of the feelings of the Church on certain topics, so it was really nice to actually learn the history of it, and why the Church has particular stances!

Both: Through the quizzes, links, and additional information, it brought up a lot of interesting topics that we had only scratched the surface of. We would routinely continue talking about each worksheet long after we had turned it in. It was great to get to better understand one another on that deeper level.


March 28th – Tanner and Betsy – Diocese of Springfield, IL “Our instructors blew my expectations away from the very first assignment”

Him: The feedback from our instructors was top notch, and worth reading

Her: Our instructors provided excellent and personalized feedback to help us better understand the teachings - correcting us if we were wrong or emphasizing us if we were right. Because of their detailed feedback we were able to better learn Christ’s teachings about Matrimony and the Church. The videos and readings were also relevant since they were current topics and teachings for today’s world and society which also helped.

Both: We will continue to attend mass weekly, give back to the church as God has given to us, and welcome children as God’s plan requests.


March 29th – Jonathan and Danielle – Diocese of Norwich, CT “It gave me a new perspective that I did not get when I was growing up”

Him: I am very happy with the course. I feel like we learned a lot and it is nice being able to do it at our own pace.

Her: thought this course was an excellent way for me to take my faith and apply many of the teachings I've read and learned about and apply them to this new era of my life with the Sacrament of Matrimony.

Both: Learning the importance of our relationship and thinking about future decisions we will have to make helped us plan our future and build a foundation. We also sat down and talked a lot about different things we learned. We don't always see eye-to-eye on things, and some of the aspects we learned about was new. However, we were able to have these conversations that we never had prior - or they were conversations we had only barely touched upon.