March 11th – Romil and Grace – Archdiocese of Atlanta, GA “The course content was thoughtfully curated, offering a holistic approach to relationship-building that surpassed our expectations”

Him: The knowledgeable instructors created a supportive and engaging environment, ensuring that my partner and I left the course not only well-prepared for our upcoming union but also with a newfound confidence in navigating the complexities of married life.

Her: The experienced facilitators fostered a warm and open atmosphere, allowing us to explore crucial topics with newfound understanding, leaving us thoroughly satisfied and well-equipped for the next chapter of our lives together.

Both: The comprehensive curriculum skillfully covered various aspects of building a strong foundation for a lasting marriage, providing valuable insights and practical tools for effective communication and conflict resolution.


March 12th – Eddy and Gena (Convalidation) – Diocese of Sacramento, CA “It really took us back to the meaning and bond of husband and wife”

Him: This was an excellent program that really helped in preparing us for the sacrament of marriage. Although, we have been married for almost 15 years we still learned so much about each other. It was very refreshing!

Her: Taking a deep dive into your faith and marriage is so meaningful. Not only is it important for you as a couple, but to truly understand the meaning of having God’s hand in your marriage. We truly felt as one doing the exercises.

Both: We enjoyed the talking and the discussions. We were asked questions we never had to answer before. When you are able to open up and talk about deep issues, you feel so free. We know God was with us through the whole process and that is a remarkable feeling.


March 13th – Keith and Bridgette – Diocese of Camden, NJ “The online, individualized model was perfect for our situation”

Him: This course was exactly what my wife and I needed in preparation for our Catholic marriage. It provided us with a sturdy foundation to establish Christ at the center of our marriage in comparison to our civil marriage. The questions in each section were thought-provoking and allowed us to discuss our individual feelings and thoughts about specific topics within the Church and our marriage. It adequately prepared us for the sacrament of Holy Matrimony in combination with the meetings with our parish priest.

Her: I found this course to be very helpful in cultivating discussions with my husband around centering Christ in our marriage. The thoughtful responses with sources allowed us to reflect on our answers and deepen our knowledge of Catholic teachings. I appreciated the individualized approach in comparison to working in a group setting.

Both: We came to have a better understanding of each other with Christ at the center of our marriage and allowed us to have specific time to do this.


March 14th – Connor and Meredith (Convalidation) – Diocese of Dallas, TX “Now our marriage has so much more meaning and goals to strive for”

Him: The course was very eye-opening. What we learned will be beneficial to our marriage. 

Her: loved it! Originally, I wasn't expecting to enjoy it that much but I truly did! I feel like it covered so many amazing points and we truly grew together doing this. I wished we would have done it before our civil marriage ceremony.

Both: Throughout this course, we have engaged in deeper conversations about issues, among other things. We are spending more time together thanks to this class. We were reminded of our commitment to each other and now our marriage is stronger than ever.


March 15th – Michelangelo and Monica – Diocese of Norwich, CT “This course actually exceeded my expectation as I thought we had already talked about everything we needed to talk about before we even got engaged”

Him: I think a course like this really should be required of any marriage, even outside the Church! It really addresses the potential issues that could come up in a marriage and refocuses the couple towards each other. My fiancé and I had the opportunity to sit down with each other each weekend and do this, and we truly grew closer together. We were able to talk about serious subjects, confirm we were on the same page with everything important, and really bring our focus back towards God, which truly can be challenging in today’s society. Our instructors were wonderful! They were kind, understanding, and funny, and they were able to give deep, detailed explanations for everything in the course. We truly enjoyed reading their responses to our assignments! I truly feel ready to spend the rest of my life with my fiancé, and this course very strongly helped confirm this for me.

Her: The course was very good. Even though Michelangelo and I had spoken quite a bit on different topics including difficult ones already, this course allowed us to go a bit deeper into them and even had us talk about things we hadn’t even really thought to talk about or feel like we needed to. It allowed us to share our different and similar perspectives and opinions. Our instructors were very insightful and we enjoyed receiving their perspectives and teachings to the assignments throughout the course. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with Michelangelo, and this course increased that feeling.

Both: We were already good at communicating and discussed virtually every important topic with each other, but this course affirmed the discussions we held previously and proved to us that we could continue to hold these discussions over new topics. Through each answer we filled out, we conversed more and grew closer together.