March 4th – Mitchell and Molly – Diocese of Duluth, MN “We both gained a better understanding of the foundation of marriage through faith and God”

Him: This course provided me with a better understanding to the role God/faith plays in our marriage journey.

Her: I am very satisfied with the communicative aspect from our mentors- they were so detailed in their responses and helpful/understanding to our answers. We learned quite a bit from their detailed responses in the answer key to help us further understand the passages and readings.

Both: We both deepened our relationship with each other and God throughout this process. We found ways to work together and really discuss hard topics that are so important to building a marriage.


March 5th – Sean and Britney – Diocese of Colorado Springs, CO “This course exceeded my expectations with how thorough it was in explaining the “why” behind what Catholic Church teaches”

Him: I really thought that this course was very thorough. It encouraged deeper conversations about what each of our expectations of marriage are as well as giving us tools to better be able to handle more tough conversations and discussing how we will raise our family in the church. It also gave us a lot of tools to use throughout our marriage to help us to grow to better understand each other in a way that will help us to grow deeper love with each other.

Her: I really enjoyed the way that the course discussed church teaching on marriage, family, and raising children. A lot of the teaching at the church presented about marriage and family were things I already intuitively thought were true, so it was very reassuring to be able to validate the beliefs that I had about, the qualities of a good and holy marriage were.

Both: The overall structure of the course landed itself very well to create open and honest discussions about the Catholic Church, marriage, and family. It opened the door to have some more difficult conversations while also being open to hear with the other person had to say. It definitely set a foundation to be able to build a strong marriage based off of mutual understanding, respect, and open communication about issues that might be hotly debated topics.


March 6th – Marcos and Marissa – Archdiocese of Santa Fe, NM “I appreciated most the quality and detail of the lessons and material provided within”

Him: I think the course really opened my eyes to a few things and I believe we were able to grow learning from this course.

Her: We have been able to grow and learn so much more about each other and our faith through this course. It brought out a lot of conversations that we most likely would not have had with one another if it weren't for the course.

Both: The course almost forced us to talk about topics we have never really talked about. Talking about these topics has definitely brought us closer to one another. We feel as though we are able to communicate better, we know each other in more of a spiritual way and that will help us become a strong unit come our wedding day.


March 7th – Joseph and Monica (Civilly Married) – Diocese of Lafayette, LA “I am really glad that we spent the time together and had conversations through each lesson”

Him: Monica and I were asked to attend this course to complete our convalidation. We've been married for 12 years, but this course made us actually spend time together away from the kids, to further discuss our marriage and made us think together on topics we maybe never spoke about prior.

Her: The course was well organized and planned. It provided opportunities for thought provoking discussions and challenged us to think further into what the scripture is telling us and why God created things this way. At first, we were iffy about completing the course, but I'm glad we did due to the discussions it brought to us.

Both: We really enjoyed the scriptural foundation the course provided for many of the topics. And enjoyed thinking through how we wanted to respond and enjoyed our discussions.


March 8th – Robert and Sienna – Diocese of Camden, NJ “It taught us so much and brought back the excitement”

Him: I loved that we could do this course in the comfort of our house.

Her: I appreciated how we could always get help throughout this course.

Both: We now take our time and communicate with God by our side.