Feb. 26th – Justin and Kaitlyn (Interfaith) – Diocese of Orlando, FL “I appreciate the effort and thoughtfulness of our instructor couple”

Him: This course has been quite thought provoking to me, especially as a non-Catholic. The overall experience was enjoyable and informative.

Her: The course helped us to have conversations again with the nearness of actually being married soon. We were able to verify that we were in the same page about so many things and have conversations on how we would handle disagreements down the road.

Both: The course gave valuable techniques to help us communicate better and the topics we should be communicating about. The course has made us even stronger as a couple and set a solid foundation for our marriage.


Feb. 27th – Hayden and Diane – Archdiocese of Edmonton, AB “It reinstalled the importance of involving God in our relationship”

Him: I thought it was a very good pace and the answers/feedback was very detailed, insightful and informative.

Her: The response time was quick and I enjoyed that we could work at our own pace. As someone that tends to be a bit anxious when discussing such sensitive topics, it was great to be able to discuss them together in private and have our instructors expand on our thoughts and answers.

Both: It opened the discussion on multiple topics that we hadn't addressed yet and helped us align ourselves completely.


Feb. 28th – Anthony and Ruby – Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “I helped me realize how important faith is in a marriage, which really motivates me to get closer to God”

Him: I learned a lot and felt like we were able to talk about things we wouldn’t have discussed if wasn’t for this course.

Her: I really feel all the information and insight was so helpful for our relationship. It sparked up important conversations and also helped us get closer. It helped our relationship and also our faith.

Both: We were pushed out of our comfort zone and talked about difficult topics which really helped us to understand each other more and feel closer to each other.


Feb. 29th – Jorge and Araceli – Archdiocese of Chicago, IL “This was sooo eye opening!”

Him: I guess I never realized how I needed to put God more into my marriage. This gave me a different view about marriage. A positive view.

Her: I have my faith but I needed this refresher. To remind myself to trust him. Even just his involvement in my marriage, it was a view I didn’t think of before this class.

Both: We’re learning how to communicate. Speaking on less selfish levels and being more considerate of each other’s feelings.


March 1st – Brian and Brittany – Diocese of Orange, CA “This exceeded my expectations and I enjoyed that each lesson got deeper”

Him: I really learned a lot. Not growing up in a Catholic household, I did not have a lot of experience with the scripture and really knowing God’s love and it was so eye-opening to hear about His power and love for us.

Her: I grew up Catholic and really only thought about God and religion as it relates to me as an individual. I learned so much about God’s role in marriage and how we can build our relationship around Him.

Both: It allowed us to really think about what we want our marriage to look like and the core values we will build our relationship upon.