Feb. 19th – Cory and Nikki – Diocese of Lincoln, NE “I was not expecting all the great information and the interactive format that course provided”

Him: We really liked being able to work at our own pace and that feedback was provided at the end of each assignment.

Her: We learned so much from this course. I was leery about taking the class online rather than in-person and was pleasantly surprised. It was incredibly organized and ran smoothly, the instructors provided excellent feedback and insight, and it allowed us to work on the program as we were able to.

Both: This course definitely allowed us to communicate better as it pushed us to talk about topics which we've never discussed and had slightly differing opinions. It provided us with a format to discuss our differences and highlighted ways for us to improve as a couple.


Feb. 20th – Blake and Morgan – Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux. LA “This course and advice from others has shown us that the strongest marriages are based around God”

Him: The course was informative and eye opening to many topics. It allowed us to think together on several topics we may not have. It has definitely brought us closer together and given us insight on how to lead a healthy marriage.

Her: It has given us a different perspective on SO many things, and it has also made us think about some things we probably wouldn't have thought of if it weren't for this course. We are very blessed with our mentors and them taking the time to help us through our last major step before marriage.

Both: We plan to both continue to participate in parish life, and to learn more about it and help in ways that pertain most to us and where we can help out the most.


Feb. 21st – Caleb and Hannah – Diocese of Tulsa, OK “I feel as we have grown a lot more spiritually and emotionally within each other”

Him: I am satisfied with this experience and courses. It has open up my eyes even more to God and ways to connect with my significant other. I have learned new ways to connect with God as well. This course has given me new ways to connect spiritually with Hannah.

Her: I am extremely satisfied with this course for many reasons. This course has shown Caleb and I how to love, how to forgive, how to build our marriage with God as a priority, and how to grow closer to one another. This course has given us the opportunity to talk on a deeper level and discuss some of our hopes, dreams, concerns, worries, and happiness. We are so thankful for this course and what it has done for us as a couple.

Both: This course allowed us to communicate better and share our deepest thoughts as a couple. This course has helped us to talk on a level we had not gotten to yet. We had discussed hard topics and went deep together but not about some of the questions we were asked in these courses. We had the chance to discuss our future children, our current relationship with God, our future relationship with God, what we want for our marriage, what God wants for our marriage, and so much more. We believe we will be starting our marriage off on the best terms. We are beginning our marriage with God as the main focus.


Feb. 22nd – Jared and Mary – Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “We now want to pray together and be more active in our community”

Him: I loved the course. It really made us have the deep conversations that we needed but didn't know how to start. I feel like we found a deeper love for one another, ourselves and strengthened our relationship with the Lord.

Her: This course has brought us so much closer together through God! We've changed habits for the better and found a deeper understanding of our love for each other.

Both: It really made us face the music when it came to things like finances, family planning and lifelong goals (to name a few). These were conversations we wanted and needed to have but didn't really know how to start them. This course facilitated those conversations and helped us form a united front on certain topics.


Feb. 23rd – Name – Diocese of Phoenix, AZ “It reminded me of my values and good how I feel when I pray”

Him: I liked that it was at our own pace! It was great sitting down and working through assignments.

Her: It was a great learning experience. It made us question things we hadn't thought about before.

Both: It was a good spring board for topics and helped us learn to critically think through questions.