Feb. 12th – Scott and Jerianne (Interfaith) – Diocese of Sacramento, CA “It put a lot of perspective on our marriage and how to approach good and bad situations”

Him: It was a great experience learning more about my fiancé’s religious background and the importance of marriage. I think it definitely does have a bit of an impact in how I view Catholicism and how is like to raise our future children. I am open to learning more about the other sacraments as well and its importance to our daily lives.

Her: I loved learning about how marriage is another gift from God. I liked how the lessons taught us the importance of family and being the best example of a marriage for our future children.

Both: We've adapted active listening into our conversations and made it a habit to relate our experiences to the bible.


Feb. 13th – Micheal and Erin – Diocese of Reno, NV “It was great getting to hear our instructors’ insights, and all the resources they provided us”

Him: This course was very helpful, and it was great that we could do it online.

Her: I loved being able to get real advice from a couple who had gone through marriage in the Catholic Church. I’ve been wanting to come back to Him through His Church for some time, now, and I believe taking this step will help me feel the courage to continue

Both: We had to have a lot of difficult discussions to see if we are on the same page about certain teachings of the church.


Feb. 14th – Henry and Sandra – Diocese of Boise, ID “It reinvigorated my curiosity and yearning to get closer to God”

Him: As someone who did not grow up with a structured religious background, this was an extremely good learning experience for me. I enjoyed analyzing bible passages and thinking critically about them.

Her: We truly appreciated all of the teachings, real-life examples our instructors provided and the extremely candid and caring guidance throughout.

Both: Most of these concepts we'd talked about many times before, but it was really helpful to talk through them another time, and our instructor’s thoughts, added context and examples gave us even more to consider and think about - especially if there was a better way for us to go forward (such as with our budgeting and expenses). We absolutely feel that this course helped us to build the foundations of our marriage.


Feb. 15th – Brant and Caitlin – Diocese of Camden, NJ “It definitely renewed my desire to get closer to God by having a better, deeper understanding of things”

Him: I thought that the course covered a lot of information in a reasonable amount of time.

Her: I thought the course was great. It opened my eyes to a lot of things I didn't consider and the feedback provided by our instructors helped immensely after each section.

Both: Just the topics that were discussed were some things that we don't normally talk about or only had previously scratched the surface of. It made us dig deeper within ourselves to find out how we truly feel about something and how we can do different things.


Feb. 16th – Michael and Ashley– Diocese of Norwich, CT “This course has made me want to grow closer to God and attend Mass more frequently”

Him: We have both benefited from taking this course, we learned a lot and were able to grow closer and be more open with each other. I feel like I am leaving this course more knowledgeable and closer to my future wife.

Her: I really loved this course! Our instructors were very personable, and helped us gain a better understanding with some of the questions, as well as look deeper into it. I learned a lot from taking this course and appreciate all the helpful and insightful feedback!

Both: We loved this course and our instructor’s feedback!