Jan. 15th – Jesus and Lourdes – Archdiocese of Los Angeles, CA “It gave us time to talk and connect with each other”

Him: As a cradle Catholic, this course reminded me of the foundations of our faith. It helped me to learn more about our faith and corrected my misunderstanding and perception of certain teachings about marriage.

Her: From the first question to the last one, it kept me informed and gave me great feedback. At times, we had different answers, but in the end, we came together. We have a better understanding of what a true marriage is in God's ways and His plans. 

Both: We learned some new communication techniques that have helped us to listen more attentively and take time to grasp what we wanted to convey with our words versus our emotions and actions.


Jan. 16th – Lane and Ravyn – Diocese of Victoria, TX “I was a little nervous but our instructors were down to earth good people and they made everything so simple and comfortable”

Him: We couldn’t have asked for better instructors, they were amazing and their answer key was phenomenal. The course provided lots of content that will be the backbone of our successful marriage, for that I am thankful!

Her: The course was an amazing opportunity given to us. We have learned so much and it made our relationship even strong. We have more knowledge within our religion and can’t wait to put our Christian Faith before our marriage. Our instructors were amazing, such insightful, and a huge inspiration to us Newlyweds! Their love shines through these assignments!

Both: It taught us the healthy way to go about the inevitable (disagreements, respect, presence) and taught us a very healthy way to cope with those issues, forgive, and see past them to move on with a healthy marriage. We learned that we each have a role to play as Husband and Wife and we are excited to put our feet to the ground and practice what we were taught!


Jan. 17th – Taylor and Mary – Diocese of Jackson, MS “I appreciated the conversations this course brought up for us to discuss in deeper detail”

Him: This was a great look into the most important aspects of marriage with feedback and advice from someone already living the out the dream! It helped us to think deeper into these important topics and confirm that we are on the same page! This was a tremendous help.

Her: I was and am extremely satisfied with the course! I feel like this course brought up a lot of necessary conversation in light of getting married next month, and allowed us to get ahead any potential conflict by going ahead and being open and honest. I feel that it also taught both of us an immense amount about the values and priorities about a marriage beginning and continuing in the Catholic Church.

Both: It allowed us to have deep conversation on the most important topics of marriage! It is so important to always be on the same page, even regarding the little things. It helped us to understand each other's thoughts and discuss them with each other.


Jan. 18th – Gregory and Jennifer – Diocese of St. Petersburg, FL “I definitely want to get closer to God and the church”

Him: I thought the course was great and helped us talk about things we wouldn't have talked about otherwise. It gave a lot of feedback and our instructors were amazing.

Her: I haven't gone to church as often as I would like and taking this course through the Christmas season has definitely given me the thoughts that I should get closer to God. By talking through the answers, I realized how much God is there for us and it makes me want to be closer

Both: We definitely learned to communicate well during this course. We had to learn to discuss things that aren't talked about in an everyday relationship.


Jan. 19th – Matthew and Alexandra (Interfaith) – Archdiocese of Atlanta, GA “I appreciated learning more about the Catholic church”

Him: It was a great course for Alexandra and I to do together. Because I'm not Catholic I learned so much about the church which was very helpful for me. We also learned a lot about each other through the process.

Her: This course was fantastic! Growing up going to a Catholic school I thought everything would just be a refresher for me, but I learned a lot of new information. It certainly took quite a bit of time, but we enjoyed working on this together and the conversations that we had were very important.

Both: The course gave us lots of opportunities to discuss how we could live out different teachings in our day to day life.