Nov. 13th – Austin and Tracy – Diocese of Greensburg, PA “I wasn't sure how marriage prep could bring me closer to God but after this class I felt more on the right path”

Him: I think this course has brought me and my partner even more together and be closer to God. We have learned things about us and have been able to talk about different topics that have increased our bond.

Her: This class have prepared us as a couple to enter a new chapter in both our lives. We feel closer to each other and closer to God. We have more guidance going into marriage than before. We are really appreciative of this course and how helpful our instructors were. Their feedback helped us reflect back to our answers and discuss the assignments even more.

Both: Every class had different topics to review. Every topic was important and related to God and his church. The classes were great guidelines to ensure our relationship with God, ourselves, and each other.


Nov. 14th – Brendon and Megan – Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “It fostered several discussions which were helpful for growth”

Him: This course was very informative and helped my spouse and I build the start of a beautiful foundation in our marriage!

Her: The course was great in teaching about the necessary tenets to a successful marriage and how to build upon the strong tenets of fidelity and faith as outlined in scripture.

Both: We loved how well informed and detailed the answer keys from our instructors were which helped us learn beyond the walls of the course.


Nov. 15th – Colton and Macy – Diocese of Sioux City, IA “It made me realize why it’s so important to have God in our lives”

Him: I am very satisfied it was a great learning experience for myself I enjoyed doing this course with my future spouse.

Her: This course made me have a greater understanding of the importance of having God in your marriage and in your everyday lives. This is important to understand now before we are married and before we have children.

Both: This course started conversations with each other that we had never talked about with each other. It also brought us closer together!


Nov.16th – Reynaldo and Veronica – Archdiocese of San Francisco, CA “This renewed our bond through more prayer and communication”

Him: The material was great, but the best part was the guidance from our instructors which gave the lessons more life and substance.

Her: We were helped through all the materials and with the help of the course and the instructors this made the experience extremely satisfying.

Both: With the amount of time, we had to speak about the courses and also the different exercises helped us grow.


Nov. 17th – Keegan and Sianna – Archdiocese of Edmonton, Canada “We will not forget the amazing feedback and dedication our instructors showed to us”

Him: For me what I appreciated most is the caring and personalized responses we received from our instructors. We were truly touched at moments throughout the course.

Her: We enjoyed our experience with the course and I believe we have some great tools we can use and reflect on in the future. We really appreciated the quick turnaround from our instructors and the great advice.

Both: We found ourselves having conversations and discussions about things we never really thought to talk about. It sparked conversation and dialogue about key issues and potential problems or difference in opinion that could potentially arise throughout our marriage. We feel this course has been excellent in preparing us in the sense of understanding what we may encounter, and having those initial conversations has helped us set the foundation to build upon throughout our marriage.