July 3rd – Mike and Casey – Diocese of Paterson, NJ “It was convenient to complete at our own pace”

Him: It was a very informative course that made you look at marriage from a different perspective.  This course helped us engage with topics that you maybe would have taken for granted when it came to the term marriage. I intend to use these helpful tools for our life long future together.

Her: I was satisfied in the course because it helped prepare our marriage with different topics that we didn't discuss normally. It informed about what NFP was, and what the benefits were for it.  I look forward to using the tools that I have learned throughout our marriage.

Both: It brought different topics to light that we hadn't talked in much detail about.

July 4th – Tyler and Alyssa – Diocese of Sioux Falls, SD “We were really able to dig deeper into our relationship and learn even more about each other than we had before”

Him: I did actually enjoy this course! There were many questions that make us have honest conversations with each other about topics that do not come up much. These were very insightful and will help us grow even closer together.

Her: I really enjoyed this course! It helped Tyler and I dig a lot deeper in our relationship than we had before which was very necessary as we are about to marry. We got to have some hard conversations, but I know they will be beneficial in our marriage. Our instructors were awesome as well. They got our answer keys back to us very quickly after submitting and always had such great insight, feedback, and information for us to think even deeper with.

Both: It was a needed reminder to open up our relationship to more than just each other. We need to invite the lord into our lives as much as we can.

July 5th – Jerome and Mary (Convalidation) – Archdiocese of Edmonton, Canada “We feel the utmost dedication and sincerity from our dear instructors”

Him: We have grown in our faith in the last couple months of preparing for our wedding. Our longing for this convalidation has now an even deeper meaning having Christ involved in our marriage.

Her: We have learned valuable knowledge that we will apply in the coming days of our married life. The sessions were patiently explained and feedbacks from the answer keys were amazing and motivational.

Both: We are able to share ideas, know each other's deeper thoughts and come to conclusions and compromise together, correct, support and complement each other, appreciate and affirm each other. And mostly, pray together and for each other.

July 6th – William and Sophia – Archdiocese of Atlanta, GA “We would definitely recommend this course to our other couple friends when they get to this season of life”

Him: I found the program to be a very in-depth process that forced me to think and apply myself. Our mentors were very knowledgeable and timely with their responses. They offered great feedback and gave us the ability to have some very heartfelt conversations.

Her: This program allowed us to be very honest with ourselves! We loved to be able to have face-to-face discussions privately instead of classroom discussions. Our instructors were so amazing in responding and their feedback was great.

Both: Our communication structure became much better after the course. We allowed ourselves to be more respectful and will continue this into our marriage.

July 7th – Carter and Kaneesha – Archdiocese of Edmonton, Canada “I feel like my relationship with God and my partner have strengthened”

Him: We both got a lot of value from the course. The questions really got us talking and thinking about stuff and then the answer keys always had great insight and gave us good knowledge on the parts we may not have considered. Great content!

Her: It felt more intimate. I enjoyed taking about each topic on our own time as it gave us more time to think about the topic and have multiple discussions. It provided us with tons of feedback, sources, and ways to communicate with each other.

Both: We took this time and treated it as a date. We took discussing about these topics really seriously to further our understanding and to strengthen our relationship with the Lord.