June 26th – David and Blanca – Archdiocese of Kansas City, KS “The course taught me more than I could have imagined”

Him: I appreciate the way the course is set up. It allowed us to have meaningful conversations one-on-one without the influence of anyone else but God. The guidance in our instructors' responses was also appreciated. We learned with the assignments but then learned even more with the feedback from our instructors.

Her: The course was oriented for each other. I appreciated that although we had instructors, we learned most of it with each other through the help of them (rather than them teaching us all of it while we listen). I loved that it also allowed us to comfortably have discussions on a personal level. It felt intimate and that we were able to work on the course at our own pace.

Both: It literally helped us by guiding us on HOW to build the foundations of our marriage and the importance of it. It taught us SO much things that are going to help our marriage through God.

June 27th – Shane and Abbie – Diocese of Sioux City, IA “We pray together and for each other more frequently”

Him: The depth of the questions was excellent and led to great conversation about the true purpose of marriage.

Her: I feel this course did an excellent job of preparing us for marriage. It also sparked a lot of great conversations between Shane and me.

Both: This course was excellent, and while some assignments took longer than others, we definitely feel like this course was worthwhile and very beneficial to our current relationship and future marriage.

June 28th – Daniel and Heather – Diocese of Manchester, NH “We just cannot say thank you enough for this experience”

Him: I was not expecting the level of detail and commitment we would put into each assignment and it was great to be able to work with Heather through each lesson. We had to make time to work together on our relationship.

Her: Thank you for the opportunity to grow in knowledge with Dan through this journey. Our instructor’s response keys were very detailed and we greatly appreciate their time and effort to work with Dan & I.

Her: It is so important to prompt specific conversations before entering into marriage and when talking to some of my friends about the process, they have commented that they wished they went through a marriage prep course like this. I believe it is actually bringing my friends closer to the Church which is excellent.

June 29th – Gerald and Honely – Archdiocese of San Francisco, CA “The course has brought my fiancé and I in a better place with God”

Him: I am very satisfied with the course. I learned so much about my faith and my connection with my soon to be wife. I really liked how the course challenges us as a couple and allows us to have open discussions about relevant topics. My fiancé and I are a much stronger couple after this course.

Her: This was an excellent course and very beneficial. I learned a lot about all aspects of marriage and the responsibilities that comes with marriage. The perspective I have about marriage has changed now in a best way possible. Most importantly, I enjoyed working with our instructors who gave us great feedbacks.

Both: We have a deeper understanding of each other and solidify our expectations from this marriage. We now have the tools and knowledge on how to build a good marriage with the presence of God.

June 30th – Lorenzo and Careth – Diocese of Harrisburg, PA  “I feel like this program has brought me closer to God and His Church”

Him: I found this course to be very helpful. It was very convenient for us to do together on our own time at our own pace. The program is laid out efficiently and is easy to navigate. Our instructors were kind and always offered great feedback. Each lesson helped prepare me for marriage and helped me see the importance of God and religion in our marriage.

Her: I am extremely satisfied with this course. I thought it did an excellent job to help prepare us for our married lives together. It showed us how important it is to turn to God in our marriage. It has truly made me even more excited to get married and eventually start a family. Our instructors were very helpful and polite. They helped us see things from a new perspective as well. 

Both: It allowed us to sit down as a couple to talk and discuss our thoughts and opinions on marriage, God, and our future. We are excited for this next journey and to spend our lives together.