June 19th – Ryan and Krista – Archdiocese of Denver, CO “I knew it would be a good experience, but we got more out of it than I had imagined”

Him: Being able to go at our own pace made it nice to find time and spend with one another. The format made for really good conversations that often led to much deeper discussions. I loved the feedback from each session because it required us to revisit and refresh what we had gone through. 

Her: The format and ability to be flexible and pace ourselves through this marriage prep was great! Our instructors were so kind and helpful along the way. We really loved how interactive the assignments were!

Both: We both have grown so much in our faith over the marriage prep process, and this course added so much to that.

June 20th – Lorenzo and Careth – Diocese of Harrisburg, PA “I feel like this program has brought me closer to God and His Church”

Him: I found this course to be very helpful. It was very convenient for us to do together on our own time at our own pace. The program is laid out efficiently and is easy to navigate. Valerie and David were kind and always offered great feedback. Each lesson helped prepare me for marriage and helped me see the importance of God and religion in our marriage.

Her: I am extremely satisfied with this course. I thought it did an excellent job to help prepare us for our married lives together. It showed us how important it is to turn to God in our marriage. It has truly made me even more excited to get married and eventually start a family. Our instructors were very helpful and polite. They helped us see things from a new perspective as well.

Both: Our instructors were wonderful and very helpful. They always offered positive feedback.

June 21st – Doss and Taylor (Interfaith) – Archdiocese of San Antonio, TX “It reminded me that every aspect of my life needs God”

Him: This course taught me more about the Catholic faith. It was very eye opening and deepened my understanding of what is expected in a marriage, but more importantly how it is viewed in the Catholic faith, which is very interesting to me. This course taught me different ways on how I can strengthen my relationship with God, my soon to be wife, and even my relationship with myself.

Her: I was very satisfied with this course and our instructors. I felt that this course encouraged and triggered very in-depth conversations between the two of us. Our instructors explained every answer very thoroughly which allowed us with perceive different viewpoints for every scenario.  This course did a great job with explaining marriage in all aspects.

Both: A lot of the topics that were discussed were things that we had talked about before, but never really went into deep conversations until taking this course. After spending a great amount of time discussing between the two of us, we learned that we viewed things differently and were able to share our view points with each other and outline ways that we will work towards in order to make our marriage successful.

June 22nd – Omar and Judith – Diocese of Fresno, CA “I didn't think this class was going to have such an amazing impact in my personal life as well as in the relationship with my wife”

Him: I feel very blessed and happy to have completed this course alongside my wife.  I learned so many things that were eye openers and many things that gave me re-assurance that we are on the right path.  Overall, I feel that I am communicating with my wife much better and feel much closer to God.

Her: I'm extremely satisfied with the course because I learned so much more about our religion, and the reasons of why we do things for our church. It also helped me as a person and has help me communicate better with my husband.

Both: When we are able to listen actively to each other without running into our conclusions right away opens the door to a better and stronger relationship and creates a strong foundation of marriage.

June 23rd – Christopher and Jennifer – Diocese of Cleveland, OH “It left me feeling more bonded and more prepared for our life and marriage together”

Him: As someone who was raised Christian but not Catholic, I wasn't sure how this experience would be. But I really enjoyed it, learned a lot, and felt like I grew closer to my partner.

Her: wasn't sure what to expect from doing this as a self-paced, online course. (Most of my friends have all done retreats or in-person Pre Cana.) But I think for us, it was really beneficial. It felt like we ended up spending more time talking really personally about each of the topics, whereas maybe in a group setting we wouldn't have.

Both: It gave us time and room to really go deep and think ahead to what we want our marriage to be like.