May 22nd – Dylan and Julia – Diocese of Greensburg, PA “It reminded me that God is involved in so much more of my life than I thought”

Him: I think it provided a lot more information than I was expecting and it was helpful to cover all of the topics. I think they were comprehensive and I gained a much better understanding of the Sacrament of Marriage and feel better prepared for this next step.

Her: I think this course was great. I feel like each assignment built on the one prior and helped me to gain a better understanding and appreciation of marriage, especially what it means for us in our faith. I think it helped us to have a lot of conversations that were essential to work through to really be prepared moving forward with this sacrament.

Both: We enjoyed the course. It was comprehensive and we do feel well prepared for our marriage. We are excited to work together in our marriage and to grow in our faith together. Our instructors were excellent and provided us with wonderful feedback on each assignment as well.

May 23rd – Javey and Julia – Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “The first lesson alone fueled the fire in us and gave us the drive to be more faithful to our Creator and the Church”

Him: Overall impression- I'M IMPRESSED! We took this class because I was out of town for work for a few months. We did not think a retreat or couples counseling would be possible so we settled on this marriage prep.... we thought we settled, but we gained more than we probably would have. Our instructors were quick to respond but very informative and very knowledgeable. We gained a new love for each other and the Church through them. They made us see religion and the sacrament matrimony in a whole new light. We are forever thankful!!!

Her: We both loved this course. We learned about God, the Church, the Sacrament of Matrimony, and each other in a whole new light. We couldn't have asked for a better couple to lead us on this journey. We truly feel more prepared for marriage and are more excited than we've ever been!!!!

Both: Since the first lesson, we have noticed a change in each other. A change for the better, a change in behavior, and a change in our hearts. We have never been more passionate about the Church, wanting to serve, and the desire to be married.

May 24th – Jackie and Jessica – Diocese of Lansing, MI “This course allowed me to gain a better understanding of the Catholic religion and how our shared faith can help strengthen our marriage.”

Him: I really enjoyed the ability to connect with my partner and strengthen my faith in Christ. I really appreciated how we were able to interact with Iris and Gerard and they're helpful feedback and guidance throughout these past few weeks. I feel as though this was a wonderful preparation for me as I go into my preparation for RCIA later this year!

Her: This was a wonderful way to prepare for marriage in the time period we had - it was thorough and insightful. Wonderful and thought-provoking questions, as well as some ideas that we haven't thought to discuss together before. I feel closer to my partner and have more confidence moving forward that we can truly put God at the center of our relationship and marriage.

Him: Prior to this class I didn't have a structured way to approach how to incorporate faith and God into our marriage. Now I have very concrete examples of how to lead as a man in our marriage and how to love my partner in the way that God wants us to.

Her: It reiterated the importance of having God at the center of our lives and our marriage. We will be bonded as one in the likeness of his image - so it's really beautiful and encouraging to know that this is just the beginning of a wonderful life together.

May 25th – Kevin and Nora – Diocese of Sioux City, IA “This course renewed my desire to get closer to God”

Him: My overall impression of this class was that it allowed my partner and I to talk about very important topics. The format of the class allowed us to discuss, and then learn from the feedback we received. The class was very impactful and taught us a lot about how to establish a strong, healthy, and holy marriage.

Her: Overall I really enjoyed this class. This allowed the two of us to have good deep conversations about things that we might not have thought about or really discussed. It also allowed us to think deeper about all of the things that come along with marriage and helped me understand some of his ideas and views better.

Both: The course and its assignments allowed us to communicate and talk on a deeper level about very important topics such as sex, forgiveness, and love. We had talked about these things in the past but never had to sit down and actually type out our thoughts. This allowed us to grow closer and understand each other better.

May 26th – Edgar and Mariah– Diocese of San Angelo, TX “My understanding of the teachings of the Church was deepened”

Him: The class was great and the feedback was super insightful.

Her: I was super impressed with the course. I really enjoyed how engaging the assignments were as well as how thought-provoking some of the questions were. We learned so much about our faith and about each other! We especially feel very blessed because of how passionate our instructors were in personalizing this experience for us.

Both: In opting to do marriage preparation online rather than in person, we were hoping to get a lot more out of it. We surely did! We received so much knowledge for our marriage and are excited to implement the many resources we received in the near future.