May 15th – Paul and Madilyn – Archdiocese of New Orleans, LA “Loved the in-depth lessons that allowed us to work at our own pace.”

Him: I thought this class laid out the various lessons in clear language with plenty of supporting materials, and an excellent format that allowed us to work at our own pace.

Her: I really liked the format of this class, allowing us to work at our own pace and quickly receive feedback for our answers. It covered a variety of important topics to discuss during our engagement.

Both: It really reminded us of the importance to keep Christ at the center of our marriage and allow him to guide our relationship through its highs and lows.



May 16th – Kyle and Kate – Diocese of Allentown, PA “I knew we were close before, but I feel like this course helped us grow even closer spiritually”

Him: We thoroughly enjoyed this course. Each week we were excited to move on and see what the next assignment was. It was eye opening to some topics we had not thought of and has us think about them.

Her: This course was excellent! It provided prompts for us to discuss as a couple. It helped us better understand each other and encouraged us to have the “hard conversations.” We discovered that we have talked about a lot of the topics already and it was encouraging to us how well we have been communicating with each other.

Both: We will attend church every Sunday and raise our children in the church.


May 17th – Kevin – Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “It showed me how important it is to have God in our family and what a big role it plays on having a happy marriage”

Him: I liked these classes a lot. I enjoy the context and responses. It really helps you look at the answers to these questions in different perspectives and come closer to an understanding of loving God and including Him in your relationship.

Her: I learned so much, not only about my spouse and I. But also, on how to grow in my faith with my future kids. And just being aware of things happening in different countries due to contraception and now I see contraception different.

Both: We plan on attending church Sundays together and reading the bibles along with devotionals.


May 18th – Thomas and Marissa  – Diocese of Sacramento, CA “It covered a good variety of topics that are important to discuss with your life partner”

Him: It was a nice reminder of the values we should live by and how to connect with God daily. It was very convenient to be able to do online as well.

Her: I’ve always known we share similar values but we don’t often these types of discussions with all that we have by going on. It was nice to connect deeper about important topics before getting married.

Both: It brought up topics we have always unspokeningly been on the same page about but it was nice to talk about them more.

May 19th – Fielding and Alexa – Archdiocese of New Orleans, LA “I appreciated the sincerity of our instructors”

Him: This class allowed us to take our time to think about things, work through the questions, and think about it. Also, our instructors were extremely helpful.

Her: This class was very insightful. I really enjoyed the online aspect because it allowed us to work around our schedules. We really enjoyed sitting down together and going through everything. The feedback was great, it was also enjoyable for us to go over that together.

Both: This course made us sit down and refocus on God and his teachings and it was very nice. We will continue to make these discussions a priority.