May 8th – Jules and Jordan – Diocese of Sacramento, CA “This course definitely has brought me a better understanding of my faith and a reminder of how great God's love is”

Him: I learned a lot from these classes. I feel that it definitely helped us prepare for the sacrament. It was also very educational and helped me understand the Catholic teachings that would we would be living by day to day.

Her: This course gave me a better understanding of the meaning of marriage and has strengthened my faith. I really enjoyed the discussions I had with Jules during each class and the feedback we received from our instructors that gave us different perspectives on situations that we may encounter in our marriage.

Both: By engaging in the process of marriage classes, we had the opportunity to deepen our understanding of each other, our faith, and the responsibilities of our marriage. We learned the essential skills for effective communication, established a shared foundation based on our Catholic beliefs, and gained support from a community of like-minded individuals.

May 9th – Minh and Ann– Diocese of Dallas, TX “I love how we are able to do it at your own pace”

Him: I was really impressed by this class. It was interactive and very informative. I learned a lot and I like how you can do it at your own pace.

Her: I was very impressed by this class. I was able to learn a lot about myself and my spouse. The online course was very easy to use. 

Both: The course allowed us to communicate better and also taught us how to improve our communication skills. We feel like we now know and have the tools to build our foundation in faith of our marriage.

May 10th – Patrick and Samantha – Diocese of Norwich, CT “It opened my mind to how special it is to be married in the church”

Him: I was very impressed with how thorough our instructors were! It really felt like they took a tremendous amount of time to respond and provide further insight and perspective on the courses.

Her: I really liked how the course gave me a deeper perspective on Christ and his teachings. It makes getting married in the Church much more special when you understand some of the underlying meanings.

Both: Assigning time each week together to sit down and reflect and think about each course has given us some quality time together.

May 11th – Brandon and Juana – Diocese of Greensburg, PA “It gave me the desire to learn more about the church's teachings”

Him: At first, I was very skeptical of this class and thought it would be like any other online training. This one was quite inclusive and provided in-depth answers. It required a lot of thought, which I really liked. Our instructors especially were very thoughtful in their answers. They allowed us to be vulnerable with them and they weren't afraid to refer us to other resources when they didn't quite have all the time to focus on a particular question.

Her: Even though it was an online preparation, I think the course was very thorough. In every lesson, we had the opportunity to express ourselves and our opinions, the insight given by our instructors was so helpful and I love the resources that were provided.

May 12th – Bobby and Shirley  – Diocese of Honolulu, HI “I am so grateful that these conversations have ignited a newfound sense of purpose within me”

Him: It brought me and my fiancée closer. We were sitting down having in-depth conversations about the Lord and diving into talks about scripture. It was a beautiful experience and I loved it.

Her: Engaging in heartfelt conversations about spirituality and scripture with my beloved fiancé was such a precious experience for me. I deeply cherished every moment we spent together delving into these meaningful topics. Our discussions not only brought us closer but also allowed us to understand and respect each other's unique perspectives. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to explore our faith together, and I feel that it has strengthened the bond we share as a couple.

Both: As a couple, taking a course together has been an incredibly enriching experience for us. It has allowed us to develop our communication skills and engage in deep, meaningful discussions about important topics related to our relationship. Through the course material, we have been able to lay a solid foundation for our marriage and establish a shared understanding of our values, beliefs, and goals for the future.