Clergy Feedback

Thanks so much for sending this along. I’m glad you were able to connect with this great couple.
I’m copying E who assists with our Pre-Cana program in case she has any other follow up for you.
Many thanks and blessed Easter!
Fr. H Serving the campuses

Thank you for your email and advise on the completion of the Marriage Preparation program PreCana.
Thank you too for the work undertaken to prepare J and C for their marriage.
Have a Blessed Easter Octave!
Take care and Godspeed,
Fr. J. Saint Anne Parish, Singapore

I have been working with this couple for several years now; they have received additional support from our office for canonical services to make sure they are ready for marriage after some failure in marriage on both sides. They are going into this with eyes and hearts open. In the end, I think Hannah and Dom will do well together.
Really appreciate your great work.
Blessed Easter Octave,
Rev. J. St. Mark’s Parish

Thank you for the time that you have devoted to M and J. One can’t be sure what is implied in the statements about the course being less accepting of non-Catholics. Perhaps it’s the NFP expectation or the request to have children brought up in the Catholic faith? Some of that would have been treated before the couple got to you. I wonder if he might be just feeling the unwavering commitment of her family to a Catholic marriage. In any case, I appreciate what you have done in helping them to grasp the importance of faith in their marriage and in the course of preparation for marriage.
Bishop J.

Thank you for your wonderful ministry in the Church.
Bless you abundantly.
Sincerely yours in Christ,
Monsignor J.
St. Timothy Catholic Church

Thanks! I've sent many English speaking couples to Agape ministries before, but have only recently started sending Spanish speaking couples (due to Covid the various pláticas in our area were all suspended and in my experience, our Hispanic families prefer a day long series of temas rather than a self paced course). I'm heartened by their responses and will continue to send more your way!
Thank y'all so much. And many blessings as we enter Holy Week!
Fr. G.
Our Lady of Perpetual Help, GA

Thank you!
B and J were happy that you helped them!
They loved the program.
Many blessings to you.
Fr. J.
St Henry’s Catholic Church, Wisconsin

Thank you, Christine, for granting this scholarship to Estefani and Manuel!
We Oblates at St. Peter Chanel appreciate your marriage prep program—especially in this pandemic.
Greetings to Christian as well ✝️✝️✝️
Fr. Craig OMV

Thank you so much for helping Joe and N through your Catholic Marriage Prep.
I plan to meet with them soon for the next phase in their marriage prep.
May God bless you and your ministry;
Fr K.

Hello Christian – Yes, I've used your service for some time now. It is convenient as many of my couples are now hard to pin down for going to a set weekend of meetings and also covid too. I like your program as you cover some of the difficult topics. Even though the couples may have fallen to the dark side of secular thought regarding such things as contraception and living together - at least they hear it again from a different source other than "Father" telling them that they shouldn't.
At least they think about it even for just a moment - perhaps the mustard seed in their life one day.
So I will often send my couples to you for this reason. I appreciate your service and your ministry.
Thank you and God bless.
Fr. Mark K.
St Bartholomew Parish, Bethesda, Maryland
Archdiocese of Washington.

I am very grateful for your thoughtful message and for the information you passed along on this young couple, Colin and Jessica. Thank you for rising to the challenge of offering effective and personal marriage preparation in the midst of the many limitations we face at this time.
Thank you also for your prayers!
May God bless you in this important ministry!
Bp. Mark Seitz
Diocese of Madison, WI

Hello Carmen and Rudy, I am blessed by your ministry and certainly thank you for your remarks!
Catholic Marriage has been a terrific resource!
Thank you! S. Director of Faith Formation
St Joseph, Texas

Les agradezco mucho por su tiempo y por compartir conmigo sobre los diversos programas. Gracias tambien por enviarme los distintos documentos y folletos. Dios le bendiga abundantemente.
Deacon Enrique,
Director of Hispanic Ministry and Family Director
Diocese of Jefferson, MO

Muchas Gracias, Dios te Bendiga, que les de fortaleza para seguir sirviendo al pueblo de Dios.
O. O. Director of Youth and Family Life Coordinator
St Mary’s,

Muchas gracias por todo lo que haces para ser el instrumento de DIos para nuestras parejas. Gracias y Bendiciones
E and J
Prince of Peace, Texas

Thank you for the update.
This is a fun couple and they really practice their faith. I am sure you will enjoy them as well.
Fr. Steve
Holy Family Parish, Las Vegas, NV

Thank you for the wonderful ministry you provide to our brothers and sisters as they prepare to embrace the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.
May the Good Lord continue to bless and crown all your endeavors, amen!
With gratitude and blessings,
Rev. Jude
Pastor, Holy Family Parish, Galveston-Bolivar
Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston

Thank you so much for working with one of our couples preparing for the Sacrament of Matrimony. I appreciate all you do for this couple. Their comments showed how much they appreciated your program and benefited from what you offered them.
Thank you. God bless you and all you do,
Sister Edyta
Immaculate Conception, Texas

Thank you so much for the time you spent with M and S. Normally Pre Cana would be done in person within our local parishes but due to COVID that could not happen. I am very impressed with the formation you provided this couple. I spoke with them at length about their experience and they totally enjoyed it and feel it will have a lasting impact upon their marriage.

Two weekends ago we celebrated their Sacramental union with just their parents, grandparents and their two witnesses, a far cry from what they had planned. Despite this, they were intent upon the virtue of this marriage. It was about them and Jesus and to me it was so refreshing. I thanked them for their conviction, their holy consent and their willingness to put all the hype aside to just join their lives as man and women, united in Holy Matrimony solely for the sake of their marriage and the grace needed to perfect it.

I spent many evenings with this couple and the formation you provided was priceless. I pray that you continue your good work and when necessary I will recommend your ministry in the future.

May God’s blessings be upon you.
Deacon Jim
St Mary’s Catholic Church
Diocese of Springfield

Wonderful! Thank you!
Fr. V.
San Fernando Cathedral, Texas

Shalom! Thanks immensely for dedicating your time, talent and treasure in accompanying couples in their life journey.
I’m glad in the work you do and I pray God to continue to grant you the wisdom you need to be able to role-model these couples into a lasting relationship.
I will give a follow up to them.
Meanwhile, remain blessed and may the Lord be with you!
Fr. P., C.M.F. Pastor
Corpus Christi

Muchas gracias.
También tuve una charla con ellos, expresaron su satisfacción con el curso, y me satisface a mi también.
Paz de Cristo
Deacon Miguel
St Patrick’s
Carlsbad, CA

Your very kind meaningful message sent to Father J. was very compelling.
I have been the wedding coordinator at St. Francis for years and you are the first to send such a thoughtful synopsis of an engaged encounter of a couple. The norm has always been that the certificate was included in the paperwork.
I applaud you and hope that you could convey this practice to others involved in marriage prep.
Thank you for your ministry to our young engaged couples.
Katie, CA

Baptismal Prep
I am really impressed to see the great way your course provides the teachings, the content is very complete and covers even more than what I offered on my classes; I especially like the opportunities for parents and godparents to go deeper in their conversations and lessons.
Fr. A
St Helena Catholic Church, GA

Thank you, your program is wonderful and I appreciate the follow up from you very much.
Father M.
Sacred Heart Parish, Pennsylvania

Thank you for the feedback and the work of your ministry!
I am confident that this couple, has been prepared for the sacrament!
Thanks again for your good work!
Deacon J.
St Elizabeth of Hungary, New York

Thanks for your email and the obvious and genuine concern that is contained therein. From my discussions with D and A I am aware of the problems related to pre-Cana. While this merit a much more complete response to your email and the importance of the sacrament, at the moment, the best I can do is this email. In essence, what I will do and what is a typical approach from pastors I know is to simply place a letter in their file for future reference. Should anything occur which would require the attention of the tribunal, the letter will serve as a point of reference and an indication that your voice and role in this did raise concerns.

I do know D’s extended family here in Chicago. They are a good family of immigrant Catholics. A’s family is also an immigrant family, though not Catholic. As you are likely aware, he was just received into the church in April. He speaks very positively about his own experience of RCIA, his prayer life and the importance of his reception into the church. While your concerns are indeed serious, I am relying on my own experience, my knowledge of the family and, of course, as you said so well in your, the grace of the sacrament to sustain them.

As you well know, our young people today face many, many challenges. Please know of my appreciation as a priest for the work that you do. The state of the family in our country and church is a source of anguish for me. I am convinced, as I am sure you are, that the health and well-being of our families is truly the key to our church and our country’s future. As a former high school principal, I have always marveled at the amount of time and effort parents put into selecting a university for their children.

The effort and preparation for a lifetime commitment of marriage almost always pales in comparison.

Again, thank you for your email and good work.
Sincerely in the Lord,
Father B., SJ, Catholic Center, IL

Sincere appreciation for the work you've done with the couple I sent you.   St. James is a small parish with less than a dozen weddings a year.  I've been pastor here only a few months and saw the online preCana as probably too-good-to-be true.  So I've been most interested in what David and Catherine have experienced.  The loss of the face-to-face seems not to be an issue in the age of cyber communications and, having done PreCana since the days when it was just the priest and a couple....then several couples...then married couples assisting...and so on....I feel assured that the necessary content is getting heard and that the couples are truly in critical dialogue with each other on that content, which has always been the bottom line, no matter the format. 

There may,  strangely,  be even more openness absent the face-to-face dialogue; people often are truly more up front when they don't have to face someone in authority, especially those -- and how frequently now -- whose association with the Church has been reduced by the culture in which they live, if not for any specific reasons of disagreement with Church teachings, especially about sexual isues.

I have another couple whom I've referred to Online as well; their marriage is coming up in May and will  be taking place in Portugal.  Their special circumstances found Online a better-than-nothing choice, but I've been hearing enthusiastic things from them about how the course is going.

So, between these initial exposures, the sanction of so many and significant dioceses, and this final glimpse of your parting dialogue with a couple, I will have a greatly eased conscience about going cyber with this very important part of marriage preparation.

God bless you all in the New Year and prosper the work of your keyboards.

Fr. Ed Windhaus
St. James, PA


Christine and Christian,
I love your program! I am having all my couples preparing for marriage do it! Thanks again!

Father Austin Titus
Holy Family Parish, NY


God bless you Christian, your family and your ministry!
I keep sending the couples to you. Your program is the best.
Blessings to you,

Father Bill Breslin
Archdiocese of Denver CO


In our last Deanery meeting, the subject of marriage preparation was discussed. When the various programs being offered currently in the Archdiocese were discussed, there was an overwhelming consensus that the formula offered by Christian and his wife is very popular and very effective. Numerous pastors already recommend their marriage preparation over and above other marriage programs in the Archdiocese.

Father Stephen Siebert
Archdiocese of Denver, CO



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