Session 5
Handling Tough Topics in Catholic Marriage Prep:
Addressing Gender Dysphoria, Catholic Anthropology, and Transgenderism

Join us for a free webinar on
June 1ST, 2022
at 2:00 PM MDT.

Hosted by Ashley Ruybal with Special Guest Presenter Patrick Hernandez

Destructive gender ideologies are rapidly on the rise. How can we prepare engaged couples for marriage in a world where genders are blurred? Listen to how we can help these couples understand God's mission for men and women and embrace the roles that our world is currently trying to redefine.

Take 30 minutes to learn about how we handle the tough topics that we all encounter in Catholic marriage preparation.


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Can Online Baptism Prep really work for my parish?

Hosted and presented by Ashley Ruybal

Originally aired on April 27, 2022, this 20 minute presentation focused on how we prepare parents and god parents together, and teach them the importance of the life-long responsibility of passing on their Catholic faith.


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Online Solutions for Marriage Convalidations

Hosted by Ashley Ruybal with Special Guest Speaker Christian Meert

Originally aired on Mar 16, 2022, this 20 minute presentation was on marriage convalidations. The number of convalidations is on the rise. How do we form, prepare and journey with each couple for the Sacrament of Matrimony in their unique situations? Take 20 minutes to learn about how to handle marriage convalidations and how CatholicMarriageprep.com can help you and your parish.


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Spanish Online Faith Formation Prep with Personal One-on-One Mentoring

Hosted by Ashley Ruybal with Special Guest Speaker Carmen Chavez-Lopez
* In Spanish

Originally aired on Feb 2, 2022, this 20-minute presentation in Spanish touched on information about sacramental preparation and faith formation programs, on line with mentor accompaniment, such as Marriage, Baptismal, Quinceañeras Preparation, and the opportunity to schedule a one-on-one presentation afterwards to respond to your specific questions.


Did you miss Session 1?
What Can Marriage Prep Offer Me?

Hosted and Presented by Ashley Ruybal

"My fiancé and I work on the weekends!" "We're long distance!" "We've been civilly married for 15 years!" Have you heard this before? Are you scrambling to find a solution on which marriage prep will fit the needs of these couples? Well, I have some good news for you! CatholicMarriagePrep.com is customized to each couple. This is a high-quality Online Program that will save you the stress and time that may occur with couples in unique situations. Come take a sneak peak on what we can offer you!


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