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My Wife Has Been Cured From OCD

My Wife Has Been Cured From OCD

Saturday is cleaning day at our place, everybody knows it.

Even the neighbors when they hear the soundtrack of Pirates of the Caribbeans full blast through all open windows and doors, slightly covered by the vroom of the vacuum.

So, yes everybody knows!

This Saturday, it was different; I heard my wife say: “I don’t feel like cleaning today!”

Wow!  We have been cleaning together for the last 38 years.  Is she over her OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)?

But it made me think: “Is it a good thing?”

OCD is very feminine as much as procrastination is very masculine.
I don’t like the word procrastination, it doesn’t sound good, it has been badly used, it’s kind of pejorative. I feel it that way for sure.
The real definition, well my real definition is: the distance between thinking and acting.
One could use: Slow Thinker, or Deep Thinker?
I like better Strategic Planner; it fits better to the true meaning of the distance between thinking and acting.

Talk to the guys on a golf course, how much strategic planning did it take to them to end up on the green?
Were they procrastinators? Certainly not, otherwise they wouldn’t be here.

Back to my problem; I am not sure I like her OCD being taken away.

I enjoy a clean and orderly house, a well scheduled vacation, and a clear budget, to name very few.
And after all these years of hard training for me, like picking up my just one day old socks from the floor, putting them in the laundry basket, not leaving the table without cleaning to the last crumb, making sure the dishwasher is full/full before starting it, not pushing unidentified stuff under the rug and so on, I don’t like this kind of changes, it’s too brutal.
Will I have to do the budget, organize the vacations, and clean the whole house by myself???

The answer came very fast when I heard: ”No more breakfast after 9:30 am. Pick up your stuff if you want me to clean up your desk!”
Sigh, what a relief, back to normal!

Yes, she read my blog and there is free Wi-Fi inside my new abode.
Please don’t hesitate to stop by my place; just come in, there is no door and you will see this sign:
”Strategic Planner”, on the roof of the red little house, see pix on the left.

God, Family, Country!
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