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Friday Feedback 10

Friday Feedback 10

We have had a lot of pressure from friends who think that abstinence is silly...

We felt that this marriage prep course was extremely helpful to both of us.
We already knew the church's stance on a lot of these topics, but knowing the "why" behind them all really helped us set our intentions concretely. We want to do this the right way and this has helped us.

We have had a lot of pressure from friends, etc, who think that abstinence is silly, but we understand the reasoning behind it from every angle and having this education now gives us the information necessary to be able to defend ourself with knowledge if necessary.

We honestly wasn't sure what to expect. We will say that it was enjoyable, and we were not expecting that. We loved getting this information in a practical, useful way, and seeing how it applies to our relationship specifically.

We enjoyed the insight into the book of Genesis. We were always confused by the deeper meanings of Adam, Eve, and the Garden of Eden. This was the first we had heard that Adam was with Eve when she decided to eat of the tree of knowledge!

We really LOVED all of the personalized feedback from our instructors. We think that we would have had a very hard time understanding a lot of this if not for their input and guidance.

The preparation pointed out that we need to be more active in our faith with praying together, which we have both been wanting to do but have failed to do. We absolutely need to make it a point to make time for prayer and prayer together.

There is so much we didn't know about all of this and now that we know what God truly wants from us, we feel like we're not blindly following, but now we can follow him with a purpose. (I hope I'm making sense?)

It also encouraged us to talk about things that we wouldn't have otherwise. I think when you reach a certain point in a relationship, communication starts to become routine and you forget to talk about the bigger things. This got us talking about the big things again."

"Beta Marriage" or testing marriage out
Friday Feedback 9

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