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A Merry Christmas from USPS!

A Merry Christmas from USPS!

Today I braved our first blizzard to drive to my local Post Office. I had to ship some precious Christmas gifts to our family in France, daughters, grand kids, brothers and sisters...

Christmas is the time of the year when we do not look (too much) at the expense to share our love and our faith in Jesus, our greatest gift ever!

- One package to France: $50.35
- Another package to France: $29.70
I also shipped some other stuff to different places:
- One book to the UK: $18.60
- One book to Aruba: $22.10
- One package to the exotic place of Casper, Wyoming: $6.15 (dirt cheap).

While my friend at the counter was entering all the details; addresses, weights, volumes, prices of each item, I had plenty of time to look at the Seasonal Stamps: “Put Joy in your Mail”!
Promising huh?
I could see big posters all around offering: One stamp for Hanukkah (it’s over, but hey), one stamp for Kwanzaa (yeah Kwanzaa! What’s Kwanzaa?), many different stamps for the gingerbread houses (yeah gingerbread houses!) and one stamp with a poinsettia (?)
Well it’s kind of the season! I assume we’ll have lilies for Easter or whatever it will be called)!

Wow, Merry Christmas USPS customers!

Isn’t Christmas kind of the highly busy season for USPS and the opportunity to  fill a bit of their tremendous losses?
Is it thanks to Hanukkah? Kwanzaa? Pastry factories? Greenhouses?

I won’t ask any question about Hanukkah, if I don’t want to be called a racist.
If I say something about Kwanza, well, I am a racist too.
If I say something about gingerbread houses, I am a racist big time.
Gingerbread houses originated somewhere in Armenia. (I was told that an Armenian monk started the tradition, not less. The Armenian monk passed on the recipe to French priests (wow), then to the British, so plenty of reasons to be called a racist again, right?)
If I say something about poinsettia, I will be sure called something else, and I don’t want to find out what, so I didn’t say anything.

Still I asked my friend: “Don’t you have anything Christian for Christmas, like a Madonna with the baby Jesus?”
He answered: “You can order them online. You have a great selection online!”
At your local USPS you can buy three different stamps commemorating “the holidays”, but don't worry,  you can still buy Christian stamps, too, just not at your local Post Office!
Of course, this is what I’ll do: I’ll order them online and show them that there is a big demand for Christian stamps during the Christmas season, duh! I encourage you to do the same! 
Here is your choice:

Same Holy Family stamp than last year, but with 2013 written on it!



Madonna by Raphael,  2011 issue



Virgin and Child, 2013 issue

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