• Catholic Marriage Prep Staff - Founders Open or Close

    Christian and Christine Meert are the founders and owners of

    After 15 years in the Catholic Community of the Beatitudes, they received the call to dedicate themselves completely to helping couples prepare for marriage.
    They created the program and continue to constantly updating it.
    They both teach the online and the live courses.
    They have 5 daughters (12 grandkids and counting) and live in Colorado.

    Moses and Mattie Nelson are co-owners and partners in Agapè Catholic Ministries.

    Mattie is Christian and Christine's eldest daughter.
    Moses and Mattie met while studying at Franciscan University of Steubenville, OH.
    They teach live classes in Denver. Both are also online instructors.
    Moses is an accountant by formation and now our Director of Operations.
    Mattie helps with the administrative work. They have six children.

  • Catholic Marriage Prep Staff - Instructors Open or Close


    Deano and Karen helped start the organization.

    They are full time online instructors.
    They both graduated from Norther Arizona University.
    Karen's BS was in Applied Sciences and she became a Registered Dietitian specializing in the renal field.
    Deano graduated with BS in Accounting and is Exempt Organization Specialist with the IRS.
    They have five children and 2 grand daughters.
    They live in Colorado.

    Gordon and Mary are both online instructors.

    They also teach the live course in their Colorado Springs parish.
    Gordon recently retired from the Air Force so they specialize in preparing our military couples.
    Gordon has a Master's Degree in Business and now works for the Department of Defense.
    Mary studied at Bowling Green State University in Ohio and also works part time in the records section for the Colorado Springs Police Department.
    Mary's dad is a deacon of 30 years.
    Gordon and Mary married in 1981.
    They have five children and five grand children.
    They live in Colorado.

    Rudy and Carmen are from Peru.

    They are our Spanish online instructors.

    Rudy and Carmen also teach the live course in Spanish, both for engaged couples and for the formation of Spanish instructors.

    Greg and Amber are online and live instructors, both for Marriage prep and for Baptism prep.

    Greg is a deacon for the Archdiocese of Denver.
    They teach live marriage prep classes in the archdiocese of Denver.
    They have six children.
    They live in Colorado.

    Brian and Kimberly are online and live instructors.
    Kimberly is also the Instructor Coordinator for CMP. 
    They are originally from California, having met each other in high school and continued their education until they married in 2001. They moved to Denver in 2005 to start a family and have four amazing children, two girls and two boys. Brian has a bachelor's in Architecture from Cal Poly Pomona in southern California. He has been a licensed architect for over 15 years and currently runs an independent architecture firm. In addition, he works full-time as a leading 3-D Design Instructor and Consultant for a local CAD company in Colorado to architects, contractors, and others in the industry. Kimberly has a doctorate degree in Physical Therapy with a background in progressive neurological disorders, concussion, and dizziness. She completed her schooling from CSU Northridge (California) and AT Still University - Arizona School of Medical Sciences. She is currently a stay at home mom, works as our Instructor Coordinator and periodically teaches as adjunct faculty at Regis University in the physical therapy doctorate programe. They have been live and online instructors with CMP since 2013.

    Chris and Mary are online instructors.
    They have been working in pro-life, youth and marriage ministry for over a decade.
    They lead Theology of the Body for Teens classes.
    They married in1987, homeschooled their children and have been very active in parish life.
    They have two children, a daughter-in-law and a grandchild.
    They are both full time Realtors in Colorado, working with their adult children in a family business.
    You can follow them on Facebook.

    Jason and Audrey
    are online and live instructors living in Colorado with their six children.

    Joe and Debbie are online instructors.
    They now make their home in Colorado, but have lived across the globe with the Navy and the defense industry.
    They are both U.S. Naval Academy graduates, but didn’t meet until they were both stationed in Italy.
    Joe served for 8 years as a nuclear submarine officer and Debbie served for 5 years as a communications and security officer ashore.
    They specialize in preparing our military couples. 
    Debbie and Joe have ten kids by birth and adoption whom they homeschooled for 24 years.
    They are also the proud grandparents of five adorable grandchildren!

    Mike and Lisa are online instructors.

    Mike is in the army. They also specialize with preparing military couples.

    They have been married for 30 years.
    They have two children and one grandchild.
    They live in the New York/New Jersey area.

    Andrew and Rebecca are live classes instructors.
    They originally hail from Idaho but moved to Denver in 2005 shortly after they wed.
    They have four amazing children, three girls and a boy.
    Andrew has a bachelor's in Literature, Philosophy and Theology from Mount Angel Seminary, just outside Portland Oregon.
    After moving to Denver he attended Regis University and received his masters in Education. He is currently a claims adjuster for Farmers Insurance.
    Rebecca has a bachelor's degree in Accounting and Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing from the University of San Francisco.
    She is currently a stay at home mom who runs a small bookkeeping/accounting business from home.

    Hannah and Mike are both Colorado natives, and since meeting in High School youth group, have been together ever since! 
    They currently live in the North Denver Metro area, where Mike works in finance and Hannah homeschools the oldest three of their five daughters. 
    The family is active in their parish community, where Mike has been running the Alpha program for two years, helping people encounter Christ in a personal way.  It is a joy to share this love of God with new couples seeking to invite Him into their marriages!

    Trang and Louis  are online instructors.  
    They were both born in Viet Nam.  In April 1975, when they were still young, their families migrated to the US to escape communism.  
    They met in 1989 and were married in 1994.  They have 5 children (3 girls and 2 boys) and currently live in Littleton, Colorado.

    Amanda and Daniel  are online instructors that hail from Kansas City, Missouri, with three beautiful children.
    They met while in high school and dated long-distance for six years before marriage.
    Daniel has a bachelor’s in Computer Science from Truman State. He is currently working remotely as a Senior Software Developer and loves spending his lunch breaks with his family.
    Amanda holds a BA in Theology, Psychology, and Youth Ministry from Benedictine College. She worked in youth ministry before staying home to raise and homeschool their young children.

    Monica and Derek are online instructors.

    They live in Dacono, Colorado. They have two (praying for more) earthly children, Chiara and Kolbe, and one heavenly, Clementine. They are very active in youth ministry for the Archdiocese of Denver’s Office of Evangelization and Family Life, serving on both the Mountain Madness and Steubenville of the Rockies committees, as well as training high school students to lead the Mountain Madness retreat.

    Olivia and Ryan are online instructors.

    Ryan and Olivia live in Edmond, OK with their three wonderful children, Edith and Camille, and Joseph.
    Ryan works within the oil and gas industry and Olivia homeschools the children.
    They met at Mass during their college years, married August 3, 2012 and, together, they fall more in love with each other and with the Catholic faith each day.

    Connie and Deacon Jim are online instructors.

    Connie is an accounting manager and house manager.
    Jim is a senior software engineer and a deacon.
    They have six children and two grandchildren (so far).
    They live in beautiful Erie, Colorado.

    Kristin and Mark are online instructors.

    They live in New York, but have lived in several locations with the U.S. Army.
    They met as cadets while attending the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, NY.
    As cadets they fostered and encouraged each other’s Catholic faith. 
    They married 6 months after graduation.
    Married nearly three decades, they are the proud parents of ten children!

    Lori and Chris: They have recently relocated from the Denver area to the Kitsap Peninsula on the west coast of Washington State, near Olympic National Park.

    They have been married for 17 years and have one child (from Lori’s previous marriage) who is now 24 and lives in Colorado Springs.
    They have been active in their parish, and other Catholic ministries to include Knights of Columbus, Retrouvaille, FOCUS, and 40 Days for Life.

    Marlene and Rob are both online instructors.

    Rob also serves as the company’s Director of Integration,
    ensuring people, processes, and technology work together to fulfill the company’s mission. 
    They are a retired Air Force family, who has spent an extensive amount of time in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 
    They now live part-time in Cape Coral, FL, and work hard to satisfy their wanderlust the remainder of the year. 
    They have been married since 1981 and have two married sons.

    Christina and Matthew are Baptism prep and Prepare online instructors.

    They are both originally from the greater NYC area, but since Matthew is in the military, have called many places home. 
    They met in front of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris during their college years and were soon married after Matthew's graduation from West Point.

    Since 2006, Matthew has served as an Engineer Officer and holds degrees in Environmental Geography, BS, Engineering Management, MA, and Military Studies, MMAS, with a thesis on "just War Theory." Christina has a BA in International Relations with minor concentrations in French and Spanish. She also holds an MA in Theology/Religious Studies from St. Joseph Seminary and College (Archdiocese of NY). Christina and Matthew volunteer with their parish's religious education programs, such as RCIA and the Catholic Women of the Chapel. Matthew and Christina have four kids, three girls and a boy.

    Chris and Christelle are online instructors.

    They converted to the Catholic Church together as newlyweds in 1999.
    The couple have seven living children and currently call the Twin Cities area of Minnesota home.
    They have a passion for teaching and mentoring and believe that building a strong family culture of love and live is a tremendous blessing for the world.

    Monique and Tim are online instructors.

    Tim is a Financial Analyst and Monique is a Realtor and Birth Educator.

    They live in Tomball, Texas, in the Archdiocese of Galveston Houston, where they raise their three beautiful children.
    Their family is very active in their Parish.

    While this Catholic blessed marriage looks very different because Monique is baptized Catholic Christian and Tim is not, they are happy and thriving. Monique and Tim have both truly deepened their relationships with Jesus and God through the beauty of their marriage covenant with Christ.

    Tony and Lindy are online instructors.

    They were married in 1995 and have seven children.

    Tony has a Masters in Theology from Catholic Distance University and works at St. John’s Catholic School as Director of Maintenance.

    Lindy is a Certified FertilityCare Practitioner and Certified Master Catechist.

    Together Tony and Lindy are active in pro-life and family ministries throughout their diocese.
    They also are the owners of Sacred Heart Books and Gifts, an online Catholic bookstore featuring both Catholic books and homeschool curriculum.

    Jennifer and Scott are online instructors.

    They both graduated from Franciscan University of Steubenville, where Jennifer received her bachelors in accounting and Scott received his bachelors in mathematics. Scott went on to earn his masters in computer science and currently works for a healthcare clearinghouse as a software developer.

    They were married in 2006 and have six beautiful children. Their family resides in Texas.

    Ashley and Luke are online instructors.

    They reside in the Philadelphia suburbs with their two young children.
    Luke grew up in the Philly area and Ashley is originally from New York.
    The couple met at Sacred Heart University where they shared a major and were scholar athletes.
    Luke is a CPA and Ashley is a stay-at-home mother who previously worked in youth ministry.

    Alyssa and Mark are online instructors.

    They are both born, raised and continue to live in Colorado.
    They grew up in the same city, in the same protestant church, establishing a firm faith foundation for their lives and marriage.
    In 2014, they were welcomed into the fullness of the Roman Catholic Church.
    Mark teaches middle school history and high school geography.
    Alyssa teaches special education for grades 6-12.
    They are in the process of becoming foster parents.

    Antonios and Sefanit are online marriage prep instructors living in Houston, Texas.

    Originally from Eritrea, a small country in Northeast Africa, Antonios and Sefanit were married in 2017 and are proud parents to 9-month old Felix Joseph.
    Antonios is the tech savvy one as a UX/UI designer and Sefanit’s job is to share the love of God as a director of Evangelization for a Catholic parish.
    They were prepared by Agape Catholic Ministries and are excited to share their love of God and his plan for marriage with the world.

    Robert and Aundrea are online marriage prep instructors living in Alabama.

    They met while studying undergrad Theology at St. Mary's of Orchard Lake, MI.
    Robert currently works as a Theology Advisor for EWTN, while Aundrea homeschools their soon to be six children.
    They are Byzantine (Ruthenian) Catholic.

    Emily and Joshua are online marriage prep instructors living in Washington DC.

    Samantha and Glenn live in New York nurturing and living the faith with their gifts from God, two girls and two boys. 

    They have been married for 18 years. 
    Glenn is an officer in the U.S. Army and has a PhD in Computer Science. 
    He is a network engineer and works as an Assistant Professor at West Point. 
    Samantha has a MA in Speech Language Pathology and utilizes her education and experience by working as a full-time homemaker. 


  • Catholic Marriage Prep Staff - Administration Open or Close

    Carmen, from Peru, is a Company Representative and Translator

    She answers the phone and the live chat in the mornings.

    She translates all our materials in Spanish.

    Carmen also helped us start the Quinceañeras preparation and as a teacher, she is the best qualified to help prepare our teenagers.

    Charlotte is our Communication Manager and Editor.

    She responds to emails.

    She answers the phone and the live chat in the afternoons.
    She's in charge of social media and advertizing.

    Charlotte edits a lot of documents for us.
    (She's also a published author with her first book, The Cause.)

    Ashley is a Company Representative.

    Ashley was born and raised in Colorado and loves this state very much.

    She comes from a family of 6 children and is proud of her nephews and niece.

    Ashley helps with the live chat.

    She is also in charge of the correspondence with the priests and dioceses.

    Christine is our Office Supervisor.

    She lives in Colorado.
    Christine has a degree in journalism and education (K-6).
    She has been married for 21 years and has 4 wonderful children,
    She recently graduated from the Denver CAtholic Biblical School. 
    When not working, she is usually driving someone somewhere, at a soccer field, or trying to grow flowers in her backyard.

    Jim Arlien is our webmaster and IT consultant.

    He grew up in North Dakota receiving a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from North Dakota State University.

    Jim worked for Texas Instruments, Martin Marietta, and COMSYS Technical Services before braving the world of self-employment in web design and photography through his business, CatchLight Professional Services.

    He lives in Colorado where trail hikes bring nice breaks to his days keeping our websites attractive, stable and secure.

    Patrick is a Company Representative.

    His dad was in the army and so he was born in Camp Darby, Italy, where his family was stationed at the time. 
    The family travelled around the world and settled in Colorado Springs, CO, in 1995.
    He was born and raised Catholic and absolutely loves his faith.
    With his wife Allison, they have a two year old son named Luke.
    He received Masters degree in Information Technology from Colorado Technical University in 2016.

    Jessie is an Administrative Assistant.
    She enters registrations and attributes instructors to the couples.

    Jessie lives in Colorado with her husband of 15 years, Paul and their 3 chidlren.
    She has degrees in Finance and Theology.
    As a family, they have moved to many different locations in the U.S. and enjoy meeting new people and making new friends.
    In her spare time, Jessie loves to work on home renovations as well as take time off exploring the mountains.

    Jason is our tech support.
    He is native to Colorado.

    Born and raised Catholic and the oldest (and he would say wisest) of 5 sisters.
    He traveled around the country with NET Ministries for a year.
    Both him and his wife, Stephanie, grew up in the same parish, but it took them 25 years to meet each other!
    They are now happily married and the proud parents of one son (so far)!
    Jason has been doing tech support over the last decade with Apple and is glad to be using his talents with Agapè Catholic Ministries.

    Olivier and Jehanne are our French Representatives.

    They live in beautiful Burgundy, France, with their five children.

    Olivier is also our awesome graphic designer.

    Jehanne is Christian and Christine's second daughter.


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